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Prevention and treatment of iodine deficiency

Iodine deficiency is a fairly common problem.Under iodine deficiency can be understood spectrum of conditions caused by a lack of iodine - from increased thyroid disorders to the development of severe physical and mental development.Prevention and treatment of iodine deficiency should be conducted in a timely manner to the disease could not progress.

Iodine deficiency

Iodine deficiency can not be eradicated once and for all.It occurs due to iodine deficiency, which can not be eliminated by nature, resulting in insufficient food that item.

Children from 0 to 6 years of age should be consumed 90 micrograms of iodine, children aged 6 to 12 years - 120 mcg, people aged 12 years and then must be 150 micrograms of iodine, and pregnant andlactating women - 200 mcg.The average population actually used from 40 to 80 mg daily of iodine, that is further required from 100 to 150 mcg of iodine.

prevention of iodine deficiency

The special high-risk groups for the development of iodine deficiency include childr

en, adolescents, people of childbearing age, pregnant and lactating women.By virtue of the physiological processes in this group significantly increased the need for iodine, and it is imperative to regularly consume this trace element.Risk groups recommended to conduct group and individual iodine prophylaxis, which are used for medicinal preparations containing physiological fixed dose of iodine.

For the prevention of iodine deficiency on children 12 years old recommended daily intake of 50 to 100 micrograms of iodine, adolescents and adults - from 100 to 150 micrograms of iodine.During pregnancy and breast-feeding is increased to a daily dose of 200 micrograms.

With daily shortfall of iodine completely eliminated iodine deficiency.6 months after starting the drug is about 2 times the frequency decreases thyroid enlargement, the majority of pupils decreases the volume of the thyroid gland.

Treatment of iodine deficiency

There are no fundamental differences between prevention and treatment of endemic goiter, the occurrence of which is associated with iodine deficiency.In areas where iodine intake is below the recommended values, first of all, the treatment of endemic goiter purports to eliminate iodine deficiency as the underlying cause of the disease.

Treatment of iodine deficiency held the appointment of drugs consumed inside that contain iodine salts.The duration of treatment is at least six months.If after this period will not achieve the desired result, which is to reduce the thyroid gland, the dose containing iodine increases and appointed an additional drug that inhibits the function of TSH, resulting in a decrease in goiter.Determination of the effectiveness of treatment is carried out through research thyroid volume by ultrasound.If the size of the crop has decreased, the treatment ends and appointed iodine-containing drugs for prevention.

before treatment is prescribed to patients who have education as nodes, they are fine-needle aspiration biopsy site conducted using cytology.It is necessary to clarify the diagnosis.If cytology was found follicular thyroid adenoma, or had a suspicion for the presence of cancer, the surgical treatment is provided.Drug treatment may be performed in the case where the diameter of the colloidal nodular goiter is not more than 3 cm. Before treatment can be scheduled to run hormonal analysis holding scintigraphy to exclude functional independence.