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Solarize eye - treatment stages

Under solarization eyes mean treatment with sunlight.The sun is the main source of supply eyes.Like all living things on earth eyes need light, it is therefore recommended not to abuse wearing sunglasses which are suitable for wear in the event that the eye for a long time exposed to bright sunlight, in particular when they are reflected from the aqueousor the surface of snow.Sunlight stimulates blood circulation, which helps to ensure that power is getting better eye.By using solarization can win as an ordinary eye fatigue and blurred vision.Solarize eye involves three stages of treatment.

Indications solarization eyes

indications for solarization eyes are:

  • presence of age-related changes of view;
  • all stages of the development of myopia or farsightedness;
  • presence of astigmatism;
  • occurrence of eye fatigue associated with work at the computer;
  • weakening against the backdrop of an illness.

Solarize eye can be performed with open or closed eyes and facial immersion in water by converting a fur

ther look at the sun, etc.Eyes should be accustomed to the light gradually, otherwise, instead of improvement can be achieved the opposite effect.

stages of treatment using solarization eye

Solarize eye involves three stages of treatment.The first step is to get on the edge of the dense shade.As such shadows can be used brightly lit doorway or corner of the house.Then you need to take off the glasses.One leg must stand on a piece of land covered with a shadow, and the other - on the sunlit.The muscles should be relaxed, his head slightly raised.The eyes should be closed.Then you need to make a slow deep breath, and start execution of turning your head from side to side so that his eyes were closed alternately through the lighting and shadow areas.At the same time the sunlight to be discharged into the space between the eyebrows and the edges of closed eyelids.If you do not feel it, then you need a little lift his head.Movements should be performed as long as the state of discomfort will not pass.

In the second step of solarization for the eyes need to stand up straight face to bright sunlight, close your eyes, relax your muscles.The head and the body should be slowly turning from side to side, while the feet must be off the ground alternately.Sun must pass you, and in a direction which is opposite to the rotation.If this exercise you are unable to focus, it is recommended to myself pronounce your actions.Exercise should be performed prior to such time as shall never cease to shudder from the bright sun.

solarization In the third stage the eyes need to stand facing the bright sunlight, the muscles should be relaxed.One eye needs to close and put his hand on it in order to create a barrier to the penetration of sunlight.The head should be tilted.Then you need to slowly turn his head and body from side to side, with open eyes must slide on the ground.Closed eyes have to constantly blink, but do not open it.Then you need to lift his head and continue to make turns, with open eyes to look at a point close to the sun and the need to rapidly blink with both eyes.Turns must be performed within 5 seconds.Then you need to close the other eye and to continue the exercise, repeating the above steps, then close both eyes and make turns, looking at it through the eyes directly at the sun.

After the exercise, you will notice that in the eyes dazzled by the glare, sun spots, lines.To relax the eyes and the rest of them to be performed after each stage of palming solarization.

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