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Symptoms of allergic edema and its treatment

Allergic edema associated with the use of various types of allergens.As allergens can act and food, and medicines.Edema can begin on different parts of the body, but in most cases they are subject to the face, eyes, throat, legs, arms and other parts.If there was an allergic swelling, then it should seriously respond because it is a sign of a serious allergy.If the nasopharynx and throat swells, the urgent need to treat because of severe swelling can obstruct breathing, and even develop asthma.Consider the symptoms of allergic edema and its treatment.

Symptoms of allergic edema

allergic swelling may be accompanied by a variety of symptoms, depending on what the individual human reaction to the allergen.For the swelling that occurs in the background of allergy is characterized by the appearance of swelling of some parts of the human body and its organs.Typically, this swelling occurs on the feet and face.In most cases, an allergic swelling arises pain, but other symptoms may occur, affecting the whole

body.Allergic swelling may be accompanied by:

  • redness,
  • a small rash,
  • severe itching.

In other cases, the skin, by contrast, may be too pale.Sometimes both external swelling may develop internal and edema, for example, the larynx, nasopharynx or trachea.Such swelling is quite serious, because a person can become difficult to breathe, and if the case is more serious, the facial skin may become blue.In addition, the symptoms of allergic edema may include the development of even fainting.

Treatment of allergic edema

  • eyes. Often swelling may appear on the upper eyelids eyes.In most cases, the cause of such allergies is exposure to pollen, milk, eggs, chocolate and others. With the development of edema of the eyes, in the first place, you need to identify and eliminate the allergen.Then possible to carry out the treatment of allergic swelling from an allergy pills and ointments.
  • lips. allergic swelling of the lips can be caused by food allergens or drugs.In addition, the recorded cases of allergy to insect bites or animal hair.When an allergic swelling on the lips of their treatment is reduced to identify the allergen and the use of tablets from an allergy.
  • nose. common type of edema is a swelling of the nose, which may occur in the delivery of the impact of certain allergens, seasonally, as well as in any other period by chronic allergic reactions.As allergens can act paint, smoke, perfume, air fresheners and others. At the swelling may cause heavy discharge from the nose.In addition, you can change the color of the nose, from gray to blue hues.Such allergic swelling is removed with a special solution, which was washed sinuses.
  • legs. of edema feet possibly through joint diseases or through influencing allergen.The treatment of such allergic edema must be assigned a doctor, since allergies can be triggered by swelling of the throat, accompanied by a wheezing voice, fever, difficulty breathing and swallowing.If you receive such an allergy, the treatment should be carried out with the help of antihistamines.
  • nasopharynx. allergic nasal congestion can be caused by allergies to cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and other odors that can cause intolerance.With the development of nasal congestion may cause runny nose, hoarseness, sneezing and lacrimation.For the treatment of edema of the necessary elimination of allergen exposure on the human body, and treatment with antihistamines.
  • easily. Pulmonary edema can be triggered by insect bites.For such allergic edema is characterized by sudden onset, the appearance of shortness of breath, chest tightness and feeling of heaviness in the area.Perhaps the development of pruritus different parts of the body most often exposed to the hands, face and head.Pulmonary edema may be accompanied by nausea or even vomiting.This kind of allergic edema dangerous to human life, and therefore when it is necessary to apply to the development of ambulance staff.It does not accept self-treatment.The situation is similar with edema of the bronchi, the symptoms of which include the appearance of shortness of breath, wheezing, cough, heavy breathing.

Thus, if there were any allergic swelling, then, first of all, necessary to carry out the diagnosis and identify the source of allergy, and then the doctor prescribes a treatment that implies a decision in most cases antihistamines.In some cases there is a need for cleansing the body.Many allergic reactions can be caused by the presence of parasites in the human body, which do not like certain products.First you need to get rid of these parasites, and then gradually introduce the product, which noted the development of allergies.

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