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The periodontitis is different from periodontal disease ?

Provided 2 types of periodontal disease: periodontal disease and periodontal disease.Under periodontitis should be understood inflammatory periodontal disease.Periodontal disease is a disease with no periodontal inflammation.For it is not peculiar to inflammation, though occasionally possible accession.This situation can occur when lowered immunity from hypothermia, against colds, etc.Periodontal disease and periodontitis affected one and the same object - periodontitis.The periodontitis is different from periodontal disease?In these diseases is very different behavior of the periodontal.

Periodontitis Periodontitis is a very aggressive disease.Perhaps it fairly rapid development, so that the teeth are lost in a few years.

Periodontitis is local, even when the damage is only 1 tooth.The reason for this local periodontal disease in most cases the presence of chronic injury tooth fillings or crowns incorrect.

Periodontitis is a formidable periodontal disease.If the teeth are involved, then this may b

e caused by the separation from them for a couple of years in the absence of adequate treatment.

In the case of inflammatory periodontal disease are almost always observed bleeding.If it does not, this indicates remission of periodontitis.

Mobility in periodontitis may occur even if periodontal disease at an early stage.But successful treatment, it pretty quickly eliminated.

for periodontitis is characterized by the occurrence of deep periodontal pockets that can not be cleaned in the home and are quite difficult to be cleaned of Periodontology.Therefore, in this periodontal disease arises a need to carefully track their status.And after the hygiene measures they should be maintained in a clean condition.

the presence of periodontitis in deep periodontal pockets often the formation of gingival overgrowth - granulation.They must be fought on a mandatory basis at this periodontal disease.

Since periodontal disease is caused, first of all, periodontal inflammation, in all cases it is accompanied by swelling of the gums.

periodontitis is not peculiar to the occurrence of wedge-shaped defects.The disease is more likely to develop caries defects.

goal of treatment of periodontal disease is the removal and elimination of inflammation in the periodontal effects that can provoke it and lead to the fact that inflammation increased.Periodontal disease

sluggish flow of periodontal disease, unlike periodontitis and periodontal destroyed them for decades.In carrying out the complex treatment of periodontitis teeth can be saved several times longer than without the involvement of treatment.

Periodontal disease affects all teeth and the lower and upper.In some areas, this periodontal disease develops more actively, in others - the disease sluggish.

teeth Periodontal disease refers to a more prosperous options periodontal disease, because it is characterized by a very slow development that can last for decades.

When cleaning the teeth or during meals bleeding gums with periodontitis hardly celebrated.In this disease there is bleeding in the case of the addition of inflammation.

When periodontal disease is manifested quite late tooth mobility, periodontal periodontal disease when it becomes affected by three-quarters or more.

pathological pockets with periodontitis may be either small or absent altogether.In this regard, with periodontitis in most cases there is no need for a lot of attention to them.Of course, they must be cleaned of plaque and tartar.

Periodontal disease is not accompanied by the appearance in the pockets of granulation.Their appearance is only possible in the event of an exacerbation.Then it becomes like periodontal disease periodontitis.

with periodontitis gingival edema is possible only in the case of relapse.Generally, periodontal disease is not accompanied by swelling.

In almost all cases of periodontal disease is accompanied by the appearance of the teeth wedge-shaped defects that increase the sensitivity of the teeth to cold and sour.

treatment of periodontal disease is to ensure that suspended its effects on periodontal excluded accession to inflammation.

with periodontitis and periodontal disease appear gap between the teeth, the teeth can be rotated.In the case of periodontitis these changes of the teeth may be more pronounced.But this is directly dependent on the specific situation with the teeth and bite.