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Posttraumatic arthritis - symptoms, causes and treatment

Under post-traumatic arthritis refers to the appearance of joint diseases caused by mechanical damage to the cartilage, meniscus, ligaments, tendons, muscles and joint capsule.In most cases, if the injury is serious, the disturbance of mobility appears immediately after the traumatic exposure were provided, and in the case of transferring microtraumas development of these disorders occurs gradually.Therefore, treatment of the joint should be initiated immediately after the traumatic effects were obtained, asif timely and proper treatment, conducted under the supervision of a physician, at the outcome of this disease is very favorable.Consider the symptoms, causes and treatment of post-traumatic arthritis.

symptoms of post-traumatic arthritis

The characteristic symptoms of post-traumatic arthritis is the occurrence of pain in the joints crunch, aching bones, limited mobility, the appearance of swelling in the area of ​​injury.In some cases, inflammation may be so strong that the body temperature rises

, there is a fever, leukocytosis, which can often be mistaken for an infection rate.The speed at which symptoms occur, it is possible to judge the speed of the disease.If the symptoms of post-traumatic arthritis appeared almost as soon as the damage is diagnosed acute post-traumatic arthritis, in which the required immediate hospitalization and treatment.If a chronic course of the disease, here there are some difficulties.

reasons for post-traumatic arthritis

Post-traumatic arthritis may develop due to the closed damage that accompanies bleeding in the joints, bruises, during which may occur gap and cracking of the cartilage of the joint.In addition, the causes of post-traumatic arthritis can be sprains when ligaments and joint capsule rupture.

Treatment of posttraumatic arthritis

treatment of post-traumatic arthritis is a very difficult task.Post-traumatic arthritis is treated on the basis of what is the nature of the damage and what is the localization of the joint.Treatment of post-traumatic arthritis purports to eliminate the consequences of bleeding into joints and eliminate stiffness.If there are no extra-articular lesions, the doctor prescribes medication treatment of post-traumatic arthritis, in which, as a rule, included patients receiving indomethacin, aspirin and Motrin.

Typically, conservative methods of treatment of post-traumatic arthritis achieved a temporary positive effect and then only if the treatment is started in the early stages of disease development.Therefore, as the primary method of treating traumatic arthritis surgery used application.To date, the main treatment for post-traumatic arthritis is joint replacement, which frees the patient from pain and lameness.That is, it turns out that the treatment of post-traumatic arthritis, primarily purports to alleviate pain and to increase the functionality of the affected joint.

If the disease has been detected in the early stages, the doctor uses a non-operational treatments that involve the appointment by a massage and physiotherapy.In addition, it is recommended to engage in physical therapy.

doctor may be recommended hormonal drugs belonging to the group of corticosteroids only if the patient complains of severe pain in the joints, which can not be stopped using other means.

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