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Why do I get arthritis and arthritis ?

Healthy joint consists of living cells.Only living cells have the ability to regenerate and to ensure that a full recovery.Why do I get arthritis and arthritis?In the majority of the joints of arms, legs, jaw falls permanent factor that is able to damage it - shock load.In connection with this disease of the joints, especially the leg joints, are intractable diseases.To eliminate the disease, first of all, you must know the reason because of which the disease becomes chronic, and fix it.

Causes of arthrosis and arthritis

The joint system is protected against overload by controlling the depreciation of neuromuscular contraction of muscle cells.The joint is contracted skeletal muscles, to avoid the shock effect.Many "mechanoreceptors", which are located in the tissues of the joints, allow the nervous system to provide smooth motion, and it protects the tissues of the joint overload.This neuromuscular protection "legs give way" when trying to jump without bending down.Because of this, a person begins to

limp, trying to protect against overload the affected joint.Even at rest the muscles contracted joint, whereby microvibration obtained joint tissue required in order to initiate the allocation of lubrication and removal of slag.

muscle control is carried out by means of nerve impulses that pass through the spinal cord.Because conduction disorders nerve pathways or muscle fatigue neuromuscular joint protection weakened or even lost.The more often it happens sooner starts accumulation of dead cells, thereby eventually develop inflammation.Muscles of the leg joints to protect not only the joints, but the shock absorption attributable to the spine.Due to the fact that the attenuated neuromuscular protection accelerated degradation of both the joints and the spine.Thus, there is a range of circuit problems.

Factors contributing to the development of arthrosis and arthritis

Factors contributing to the development of arthrosis and arthritis include:

  • presence of osteochondrosis;
  • age;
  • presence of chronic fatigue;
  • development stagnation, amplifying the risk of diseases of the joints;
  • availability impact attributable to the joint;
  • presence of injury;
  • transfer of physical exertion;
  • hypothermia.

First of all, is the development of inflammatory arthritis.If the inflammation can not win for a few months, the progressive deformation occurs in the joint - osteoarthritis.The occurrence of deforming arthrosis can act as a direct consequence of traumatic injuries of internal structures of the joint, as well as his offensive possibly due to infectious diseases, which was caused by the depletion of the body.Quite often deforming arthrosis occurs because of age-related degenerative changes in the joints and spine.

On the other hand, one of the main causes of arthrosis and arthritis is the wrong metabolism.Joints continue to be flexible and capable of normal operation in an alkaline environment that is created raw vegetables, fruits and berries.And in most cases, people prefer the food that creates an acidic environment, which weakened joints.The acidic environment created by high-calorie foods and refined.By refined foods are dead foods that were denied by refining minerals, vitamins and enzymes necessary not only for the joint to function properly, but also to the entire body to work properly.Foods that have been through chemical and thermal processing on the industrial enterprises are also deprived of the minerals, vitamins and enzymes.Also useful properties are lost and the food prepared at home in the event of prolonged heat treatment.Adverse effects on the joints is any synthetic and semi-synthetic food containing a food preservatives and additives.In the case of regular uncontrolled consumption of milk and dairy products can also cause various diseases of the joints.

negative impact on the joints and is tobacco, alcohol and lack of posts.

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