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Phlegmon neck - symptoms and treatment

Phlegmon (Gr. Phlegmone- fever, inflammation) - a purulent inflammation of soft fatty tissue, gradually extending to the cells of muscle tissue and tendons.

The disease progresses in the subcutaneous layer of fat under the dense connective tissue and broad tendon plate in the submucosal and muscle tissues.In addition, the possible destruction of entire parts of the body such as the hips, waist, buttocks and so forth.

When this disease occurs in the fat layer, which is formed in an environment of various internal organs, the name of this form of cellulitis is formed by the prefix "para" to the Latinthe name of the affected organ (parameters paranephritis etc.).

This disease may occur as a result of complications arising during the decay of tissue (for example, in progressive sepsis or abscess), and irrespective of such an environment.Neck abscess may develop malignant course of various forms of sore throats, ear infections, and in the case of injury or mechanical damage to the back of the head and ce

rvical vertebrae.

Terms of the disease

Cellulitis occurs and progresses under appropriate conditions, such as inflammation of open soft tissue of the neck, as a result of getting to mechanical damage of various microbes, pathogens decay processes.

These microbes and micro-organisms are the causative agents of various decay: Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus and others.

There is also a putrid abscess - a form of the disease, in which the pyogenic bacteria (septic streptococcus, Proteus vulgaris, etc.) penetrate the tissue.

Severe forms of the disease cause the formation of micro-organisms growing in the oxygen-free environment.This creates the risk that these anaerobic bacteria form spores and agressiruyut in the fevered anoxic space than and contribute to a more dynamic development of putrid cellulitis.

The disease may also be caused artificially by injection under the skin of such heavy substances such as kerosene, gasoline and other oily substances.

With a weakened immune system of the body, such as such as people suffering from serious infectious diseases, as well as different forms of diabetes and alcoholism, distribution of heavy purulent process proceeds much faster.


As for cellulitis may take place in various parts of the body, including in the neck, it distinguishes the following types: intra-muscular, subcutaneous, mezhorgannaya, zabryushnaya and other - depending on the location of the source of inflammation.Also, the disease may be chronic or acute.

severe (acute) form can be identified by the high-temperature (40 ° C and above), which appears immediately in the course of the disease of this kind.The patient is experiencing an acute need for a drink in the affected area there are characteristic swelling and redness, as well as the observed dysfunction of the inflamed organ.

in the affected area there is hot to the touch swelling, accompanied by reddening of the skin close to the damage.Seal the lesion does not have a certain area, and it still promotes resulting fistula.

malignant abscess developed rapidly, captures large areas of tissue, it promotes severe poisoning organism substances formed as a result of decay.

If the necessary treatment the disease recurs, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics for the detection of the main causes of reflux.

In the initial stage of the disease occurs serous damage tissue, which is characterized by the occurrence of muddy liquid formations in the tissues, clear boundary transition of inflammation in healthy tissue is not observed.In a further stage in the soft tissues with putrid liquid formulations.

malignant lesions are exposed to and more dense tissue - muscles, tendons and bones.In this case, the muscle tissue becomes gray, without bleeding, exudes a greenish purulent fluid.

This severe form of the disease causes the death of tissue, and in the event of the neck facing lethal outcome as under threat of severe intoxication and putrid damages are large blood vessels, as well as complications may occur due to the localization of the disease in the vicinity of the brain.

With the development of cellulitis in an oxygen-free environment in the soft tissues with gas accumulation observed damage and death of large areas of tissue.

In chronic nature of inflammation of soft tissues of the neck nablyudetsya seal tissue.The skin, which is in the border area of ​​damage becomes bluish color - these are the places where infiltrated pathogens.

of infection, causing festering in the oral cavity and pharynx, called cellulitis advertisements.With this variety of the disease can be observed dense swelling in the tissues of the neck and submandibular region - accumulation of purulent fluid and lymph.When pressed on such seals patient does not feel pain.

Treatment and prevention of cellulitis neck

main method of treatment in the case of cellulitis of the neck is a surgical intervention with preliminary research readings of blood and antibiotic tolerance by the body.

person suffering from such a disease, is subject to compulsory medical examination and thorough research.

For the prevention of this disease must be taken own safety - to avoid any mechanical damage to the soft tissues of the neck, as well as closely monitor the state of the mouth and throat during the infectious diseases.

One of the main factors that prevent the development of various types of cellulitis is timely to provide medical assistance.