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Phlegmon brush - types and treatment

Phlegmon (from others. Gr. - Inflammation, fever) - purulent acute inflammation of the fatty cellular tissue spaces, which has no clear boundaries.

Pathogens abscesses are most often streptococci and staphylococci, but also the reason may be E. coli or pathogenic organisms.

Features cellulitis brush

Phlegmon brush usually starts to develop after a small home or work injury, is widespread and violates health, leading to disability.

By location cellulitis is divided into the following types:

  • subcutaneous
  • podfastsialnaya
  • intermuscular
  • retroperitoneal perirenal
  • okolopryamokishechnaya
  • fiber mediastinum,
  • foot abscess
  • abscess brush and others.

Brush divided into five anatomical regions, each of which could become the center of occurrence of inflammatory processes.It:

  • distal palm:
  • projection areas of the skin on the three vertices of the triangular plate, formed from connective tissue (defect palmar aponeurosis);
  • thenar region;
  • hypothenar region;
  • middle area of ​​deep and super
    ficial palmar space;
  • back of the hand.

Phlegmon brush does not pose any threat to human life, but wrong and delayed treatment can result in disability.

superficial and deep cellulitis brush

Phlegmon brush divided into superficial and deep.It depends on the location of the purulent accumulations: directly under the skin or under the palmar aponeurosis.Superficial abscess often occurs in the form podmozolnoy predominantly occurs in people unaccustomed to physical labor or vice versa, with a large number of stuffy corns.

For the first case is characterized by the torn and dirty bubble exposes a deeper layer of the skin.There is a small swelling, redness of the affected area, and a sharp pain on palpation.For the second case, t. E. Podmozolnoy cellulitis in a person accustomed to hard physical labor, characterized by bruises and cracks in the ground callous.

If there podmozolnoy cellulitis brush the affected area thoroughly washed under running water with soap, and then treated with gasoline and alcohol.After preparatory procedures carried out the removal of horny epithelium sharp scalpel, revealing thus place accumulation of pus.Gauze ball remove the accumulated pus under the corn, then remove all loose skin, trying to free up space completely around the circumference.After the procedure, bandage with antiseptic substance.

Sometimes podmozolnoy central cavity, at its bottom, a small hole can be observed, which comes from pus.In such cases diagnosed in the form of cufflinks phlegmon (purulent accumulations having two - and in the subcutaneous tissue under the corn, interconnected thin channel).

often occur on the hands interdigital cellulitis.In this case, the accumulation of purulent focuses between the toes, not allowing them to join.

cause of deep abscesses in some cases are complications of acute purulent inflammation of the tissues of the fingers or the result of neglect of microtraumas.All phlegmon brush is characterized by pain, limitation of movement of fingers, and swelling of the hand.Treatment of abscesses

any cellulitis treatment should be carried out promptly, with the assistance of a surgeon.Operations are usually carried out on an outpatient basis.Prescribe antibiotics intravenously, and the second or third day during dressings make warm baths for the brush, and begin to develop at the same time the fingers and wrist.

bandages try to impose such a way that as soon as possible to release the fingers.All the signs of cellulitis, including swelling should be gone within a week, and if it does not happen, you need to see a doctor.