What sports are ideal for pregnant women

Many people mistakenly believe that pregnant women should be cautious in everything, that is, during pregnancy should not have any stress.But this is a misconception, remember, pregnancy - is not a disease, so feasible exercise can do more good as moms and kids.According to experts, if the load is picked up correctly and pregnant women observe all the safety requirements, such as the load on the contrary will contribute to strengthening maternal health, which directly affects the health of the child, as well as a calm pregnancy and significantly facilitate the process of birth.

If you are interested in the question of what sports are ideal for pregnant women?So first of all, you need to consult a professional doctor that given the state of your health, will advise you on what the load at the moment you are contraindicated.After this, you will need to decide on the coach, we note that the trainer should have experience in this area, that is to be professional.

Today, there are many sports programs

that are specifically designed for expectant mothers.Let's look at the most popular sports for pregnant women.

Yoga for pregnant

The sport enjoys wide popularity among pregnant women, especially since most of them believe that yoga is designed specifically for them.During yoga pregnant women feeling less physical and emotional stress while using the sport, many of them develop correct breathing technique, their muscles are strengthened and become more plastic.That is why 70% of women returning to employment immediately after birth.

Stretching for pregnant

This sport consists of a set of stretching exercises.You can choose as a separate exercise, but as a supplement to aerobic exercise.It should be noted that during stretching removes static electricity from the waist and neck, at the same time significantly increases the flexibility of muscles and ligaments, improving coordination.According to many pregnant women after a few weeks of training they have gone stress, insomnia and fatigue.

Water aerobics for pregnant

Water aerobics is now considered a new but very popular sport.Basically, these classes in the pool is carried out with breathing exercises.The main advantage of aqua aerobics is that birth after this sport are much easier, and the fetus during childbirth does not suffer from lack of oxygen.Besides all the movements - running, walking performed in water, so there is no load on the spine, and smooth exercises greatly virtually eliminates any injuries while exercising.Note that the water aerobics a pregnant woman can be engaged almost to the birth.

Pilates for pregnant

Quite often, pregnant women complain of back pain and lower back, and this is natural, because constantly carry around 7 kg of gravity is very difficult.And exercises that are aimed at strengthening the musculoskeletal system are well relieve stress, so the sport is considered to be the ideal option during pregnancy.The philosophy of Pilates consists of concentration on his body and enjoying the training process, ie it is not mechanical repetition of movement.It should be noted that such exercises help build muscle corset, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.Besides these exercises very effectively relieve the symptoms of toxicity and reducing discomfort and heaviness in the stomach.

Fitbol for pregnant

Another kind of gentle and effective at the same time quite a fitball exercises or training with big inflatable ball.During these exercises are tightened (stronger) all muscle groups of the back, arms, chest, and improves the sense of balance and coordination.

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