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Human papillomavirus and cervical cancer

Human papillomavirus is known as one of the most popular in the world.This person may not be aware of its carriers of, but can transmit the virus to sexual partners and their children.HPV lives in the blood, and can not express themselves in any way or to be felt by papillomavirus or genital warts that appear on the skin and mucous membranes with the weakening of immunity, which may occur while taking antibiotics after an infection during severe stress,pregnancy.In addition, reduced immunity promotes the use of alcohol, smoking and taking drugs.There is an assumption that the human papilloma virus and cervical cancer are associated with each other.


HPV is transmitted not only sexually but also through touch.The first manifestation of the virus to bind to the recent senseless contamination because it is likely that it happened a long time, despite the fact that you might not be aware of this.Not all types of viruses are oncogenic.

manifestation of HPV

The characteristic manifestations of HPV in

clude a number of features, including:

  • occurrence of genital warts - multiple papillary formations appearing on the mucous membranes of the genitals.Most people do not pay attention to it, because the irregularities may exist in childhood, so that people take such a thing for their anatomical norm.But in reality, mucous genitals in the normal state should be absolutely smooth;
  • appearance of skin papillomas (warts).For viral papillomas characteristic self-extinction in some cases, re-emergence of an independent, because it is a manifestation of a viral infection.
  • drain occurrence of genital warts in appearance resembling a cauliflower because genital warts coalesce into a coherent whole.They can be distinguished from other structures of the skin by applying a colposcope and acetic sample;
  • development of cervical flat condylomas, which is the most dangerous manifestation of the disease as flat condyloma indicates that the process exists in the body for a long time and causes changes in the epithelial cells of the cervix.In the end, the flat warts of the cervix can cause cervical cancer.Do not immediately despair when detected at the flat warts, as they relate to viral diseases and can resist antiviral treatment conducted by a conservative method.

Cervical Cancer and HPV

HPV is not the last place in the development of cervical cancer.If long viruses exist in cervical cells, they can lead to mutations, which is, in turn, the basis for cancer cells appeared.

Cervical cancer develops on average in the period between the 37th and 47th years, but recently indicated that the age shifted to earlier.Often, due to the fact that the woman regularly visits the gynecologist, the tumor is detected at later stages.Although it should be borne in mind that if you hold the prevention of this disease, it boils down to is that the burning is carried out in the early erosion of reproductive age, and will not be required to conduct inspections.

Diagnostics malignant changes

Identify changes in the cervix does not cause difficulties during colposcopy.In normal cervix examination may look unchanged, and therefore an essential part of the initial evaluation of women should be to implement colposcopy.Such examination should be repeated 1 time per year, especially after erosions healed on their own, as well as after treatment with the medicinal treatment of tampons and liquid nitrogen.It is possible in such situations transformation of cells, especially if it joins a viral infection.The very presence of HPV acts as a sufficient risk factor.

Another essential method of diagnosis of malignant changes is the PCR method, using which it is possible to identify the different types of HPV.

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