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Flat warts of the cervix

When a gynecologist warts of the cervix, it is always concern, because it can malinizirovatsya, ieIt has the ability to degeneration into a malignant tumor.Especially for such a rebirth slopes flat warts revealed recently.Flat warts of the cervix is ​​a manifestation of the HPV virus that lives in the mucous membranes and human skin.This message is transmitted by contact, ie,through touch.

flat warts in women

flat warts of the cervix is ​​the most dangerous manifestation papillomovirusnoy infection.If it was detected, it indicates the presence of a woman's body chronic viral infection has long existed in the body and cause changes in the epithelial cells of the cervix.Flat warts can be determined by performing colposcopy.In carrying out the processing of the cervix with acetic acid, a site with condyloma becomes white, if you put it Lugol - it does not turn, it has clear boundaries with epithelial tissue.With colposcopy flat warts is a geographical area with atypical contours.But in the eyes diagnosi

s impossible.Very important is the accuracy of the diagnosis, because, on the basis of the results, selected treatment.In some cases, flat warts, accompanied by dysplasia can be treated with conservative methods, and there is a chance of avoiding surgery.To clarify the diagnosis, a biopsy is performed necessarily followed by histological examination.

for flat warts characteristic location within the mucous membrane of the cervix.It grows inward rather than outward, while cell damage is done basal epithelium of the cervix.This state is very dangerous, and is called cervical dysplasia.In some cases the flow of flat warts without the development of dysplasia.In order to establish the degree of dysplasia, colposcopy, the doctor when using a colposcope is considered the epithelium of the cervix with an increase in several times.With colposcopy, in addition, it may be aiming to take to perform histological examination warts piece of tissue with areas of mucosa adjacent to it.

Methods for treating flat warts in women

If you find it flat warts treatment should be begin as early as possible to avoid complications that may be caused by the infection.The most effective treatment for flat warts in women is a complex therapy, when local tumors are removed and appointed restorative therapy, which enhances immunity.Other local therapies most widespread cryosurgery, in which the flat warts are frozen with liquid nitrogen, electrocoagulation, when genital warts is the impact of electric current, chemical destruction, which provides for the implementation of cautery preparations based on concentrated acids.Additionally, not less common treatment flat warts in women is conducting laser therapy and radiosurgery, in which the flat condyloma removed via radionozha.

flat warts in women can also be treated with antiviral drugs, providing a depressing effect on the papillomavirus.We should not forget that HPV is not removed from the blood during acute infection treatment should be carried out simultaneously by both sexual partners.To prevent a recurrence of the disease is appropriate to control and improve immunity, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods, regular checkups passage of a gynecologist.

Causes of flat warts in women

Flat warts are caused by a viral infection - different types of HPV.If the reason for the formation of flat warts in women's cervix steel types 16 and 18 HPV, it is particularly wary, since because they often develop cancer of the cervix.