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Prevention of HPV in women and men

Under HPV infection is a group of viral diseases that have as a distinctive sign of the formation of papillomas appears localized to the skin and mucous membranes of various organs.In addition, HPV has recurrent and highly contagious.Because HPV is easily transmitted through sexual contact, the virus often found in the urogenital area.To date, more than 100 varieties released HPV in men and women.Scientists have found that certain types of HPV can be affected specific types of epithelium and cause characteristic changes in tissues.In order not to be infected by papilloma viruses, you should know what measures preventing HPV in men and women can be used

HPV in women

HPV in women is a latent infection, ie no clinical manifestations of the disease.In most cases of cervical cancer in women with HPV infection develops in the 16th and 18th types.This is a malignant disease is the second most common that infect women aged less than 45 years old.In the first place breast cancer.But not everyone infected wit

h HPV get cancer later.The disease progresses, if there are risk factors, primarily, the various diseases that may lead to the fact that decrease immunity.

HPV in men

HPV in men is also a latent infection.When HPV in men can appear Genital warts, anal cancer, penile cancer, malignant neoplasm intracellular penile and anal area.You may experience recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis.

Men and women anogenital, genital warts are usually observed at the age of 15-30 years of age or older.

Prevention of HPV in women and men

First of all, for the prevention of HPV in women and men need to minimize the impact of risk factors.This means that it is desirable to avoid:

  • onset of sexual activity at an early age;
  • irregular condom use;
  • random partner change;
  • occurrence of sexual relations with a person who has warts or who had a sexual relationship with a woman suffering from cancer of the uterus;
  • excessive drinking alcohol and smoking.

course, women for the prevention of HPV recommended regular visits to the gynecologist and timely treatment of genital infections appeared.We should not forget about the serious consequences which may result from HPV in men and women, in connection with what is better to take steps to prevent such consequences, than to spend many years in the treatment of infections.Besides, there is no specific treatment for diseases which may be caused by HPV.To date, there are vaccines that can prevent infection of the most dangerous viruses.

HPV vaccination

In recent years, it has been shown that immunity, that is created by the vaccine, the body is protected by certain other oncogenic HPV, due to the fact that cross-reaction occurs.Because the vaccine is preventive, the infected person will not be able to recover it.Due to the fact that once the four infected HPV types is very rare, if the vaccinated person infected with one type of virus, then this can be protected from the other three types.So before you get vaccinated, do not require a preliminary examination to be infected with HPV.

most efficient vaccination against HPV infection before the conditions, that is, before the start of sexual activity.Children and adolescents of both sexes, recommended vaccination at the age of 9 to 17 years, young women - from 18 to 26 years old.To date, works on the vaccination of older women.

Indications for HPV vaccination

Indications for HPV vaccination are:

  • prophylaxis of cancer of the vagina, vulva, the external genitalia in males;
  • implementation of preventive measures for the development of cervical cancer;
  • implementation of the prevention of genital warts;
  • prevention of laryngeal papillomatosis.

scheme HPV vaccination

For HPV vaccination scheme taken three times perform vaccinations.For basic scheme adopted vaccination as follows: 0-2-6 months.But perhaps an accelerated scheme HPV vaccination when vaccinations are carried out in 0-1-3 month.If three vaccinations carried out during the year, the vaccination is completed.The vaccine is highly effective, the development of immunity occurs in 95-100% of vaccinees.

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