The complex stretching exercises for beginners

The correct set of stretching exercises will make your muscles more elastic, and joints mobile and flexible.The exercises aimed at stretching, will be equally useful both for beginners and experienced athletes.If there was no training in the stretch, it would be incomplete.For daily activities need a certain amount of flexibility.Work to increase the range of motion at the same time by using special techniques bring significant benefits.The complex stretching exercises for beginners includes a preliminary session on a stationary bike for 5 minutes, and after that - the execution of several light exercises aimed at stretching the muscle groups on which plan to work.

stretchinka Exercises for beginners

Before you start to perform any exercises aimed at stretching, for beginners and advanced level should be a good warm up your muscles.Before you begin to work on increasing flexibility, it is important to take into account the temperature of the body.Warmed muscles more pliable as compared to the cold.An

other reason why a muscle warming is increasing the likelihood of injury associated with stretching.

If you decide to do stretching in the morning, without performing physical exercises, it is recommended to take a hot bath or shower to raise the body temperature.

Exercises stretching for beginners include stretching the back, neck, arms and upper body (chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, wrist, forearm), feet and lower body (quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles, groin).

Exercises for the back

With stretching back spine can be strengthened, which is important for people suffering from problems with it.Thanks strenchingu back, reduced pain in this area through the implementation of simple stretching exercises.The best time to stretch is after a period of training, because at that time muscles are warmed up and become more flexible.You can also perform stretching exercises after taking a hot bath or shower.To stretch the lower back have to lie on your back, one knee bent at a right angle and put it on the other foot.This upper back and shoulders are always pressed to the floor.The position should be stretching to relax.To stretch the back need to sit on the floor and chest cuddle up to his knees, clasping their hands.Carefully ride back on the floor, being in this position.Exercise should be carried out on the mat.Lower back and hips are stretched in a standing position, which you need to put your feet shoulder-width apart and toes slightly deployed in hand.After that you should perform the squat as if you are going to sit on the floor.To maintain balance, it is allowed to hold on to the support.To stretch the upper back and neck need to lie on your back, feet leave the floor, hands to close the lock and make their head.In this position, you need to relax.

exercises for arms, shoulders, chest

stretching the arms and upper body improves posture and eliminating stress from the stress to which a person is faced on a daily basis in daily life.To stretch the chest need to have his hands behind his back and close my palm to the castle.Then slowly raise your hands need while in the chest will not feel good stretching.Stretching the shoulders may be sitting or standing.To perform the exercise on the part of the body is necessary to close the palm of the lock and pull the arms up over his head with his hands, and then drag up and slightly back.Breathing should be slow and deep.For stretching biceps need to straighten both arms and rest against the wall with his hands up.Turn around so you need to turn your back to the wall.This hand should not come off.This position needs to stay on for 30 seconds.To stretch the triceps, it is necessary to rise above your head left arm, bend it at the elbow and make his head.Right hand need to push down on the left elbow, while in the triceps will not be felt a slight sprain.To stretch the wrist and forearm need to expand the palm of his fingers to his knees.Pull the pelvis to the soles of his feet, clutching his hands to the floor.To stretch your neck, you need to sit on a bench or chair and holding his right hand behind the bench, his head tilted to the left.

exercises for the legs

exercises aimed at stretching the legs and lower body, do that strengthens the back muscles and develop their flexibility.To stretch the quadriceps need to stand up straight, bend the knee of one leg and the opposite arm to take on foot.Foot to gently tighten the buttocks so that the hips began to feel the tension.To keep the balance, you can stick to for something free hand.The same should be performed for the other leg.To stretch the hamstring, you need to sit down and spread her legs apart, stretch the breast to the floor, without jerks, carefully.For the first time be allowed to bend your knees.To stretch the calf muscles have to stretch your hands on the wall and pull one leg back.This stop must be firmly on the floor.If you had taken the correct position, the tension should feel very good.For stretching groin must sit on the floor, bring along the foot soles have to be pressed together.The back should be straight.We need to push slowly to his knees, trying to press them to the floor.Slight slope body forward stretching force and your work will be felt the back of the thighs, buttocks and lower back.