Stretching as a way to lose weight

By stretching refers to a set of exercises designed to stretch the muscles and ligaments.With them, your body becomes more flexible and fit, flexible and muscles strong and joints moving.In addition, the stretching effect on the body is similar to yoga: in the course of employment are enhanced in the body energy flow, thus improving mood and overall well-being.Stretching as a way to lose weight is a fairly efficient.

Losing weight with the help of stretching

Sport Stretching do that relaxes the muscles, so they are less prone to various kinds of injuries.With some exercise relieves pain, sometimes they can be recommended for women in difficult menstruation.In addition, physicians agree that stretching is an excellent prevention of premature aging joints and hypokinesia.Exercises that includes stretching, can be regarded as a kind of meditation, they promote relaxation after a busy day and throw off the burden of fatigue and unnecessary thoughts.Many women stretching is used for weight loss, because t

he training aimed at stretching is a pretty effective way to get rid of fat from problem areas in the thigh and abdomen.

To achieve the result of stretching, stretching exercises should be carried out carefully and correctly.You should not feel excessive muscle tension and unpleasant pain.Breathing should be slow and steady, entering into every pose must begin inhaling.Special stretching exercises should be recorded for at least 30 seconds.During the exercises you should try to keep the balance, and your attention should be focused on that part of the body, which is currently carried out impact.The transition to stretching only after your muscles are warmed up.

Losing weight with the help of stretching is possible if the following set of exercises that are feasible even at home.

To perform the first exercise you should stand up straight, put your left hand on the waist, and his right hand should take his head and turn it gently to the right.In this position you need to stay for about 30 seconds, then relax a bit and change hands.This exercise should be repeated 8 times.With the correct posture can be performed to remove the wrinkles on his stomach, and make it more beautiful and fit.

To perform the second exercise, you need to put the right foot forward as far as possible, take the right hand to the side, and his left hand placed over his head.Then you need to gently bend to the right, then the position of the body must be recorded.The position must be repeated on each side by four times.

following exercise, part of stretching as a way to lose weight is carried out in the supine position.It should lie on your back, legs extended, hands spread out to the sides, then it is necessary to lift the right leg up and slowly lower it to the left.At this time, the head should be turned to the right.Hands should lie firmly on the ground and your feet should try to straighten out the most.The same should be repeated on the other side.Repeat the exercise for 5 times on each side.

to perform the fourth exercise is necessary to rise to the starting position - on all fours, and then pull forward the left leg and right arm.Attention is drawn to the fact that they must be in the same plane.Then you need to change the position of the hands and feet on opposite and repeat the exercise at least 7 times.

To perform the fifth exercise for weight loss, you need to stay near the wall and lean against her back, arms extended along the body, and his hands pressed against the wall.Then you need to start slowly squat position as if you sat on the chair.This position should be fixed for 10-15 seconds.Repeat 6-7 times.

For the sixth exercise you should sit on the floor as much as possible to separate the feet and hands connect to the castle at the back.Start movement of the body first to the right leg, trying to maximize the bend.Then return to its original position.Repeat with the left leg.For each side to do the exercise 6 times.

to perform stretching exercises on the 7th to lose weight, you need to lie on your stomach, bend your knees and clasp hands ankles, and pull the legs, with caved in at the waist.In this position you need to stay on for 30 seconds, then rest and repeat the exercise.