The main directions of stretching

With the help of special exercises taken from various dance techniques, gymnastics and yoga, can be a relatively short time to stretch the muscles of the legs and groin, and even do the splits.Through stretching achieved good healing effect.Stretching is an important part of any fitness program.It is needed in all areas of fitness.It is by stretching muscles and ligaments effectively prepared for the main load.Stretching develops flexibility of joints.The main directions of stretching.


stretching Stretching is a recreational area in the gym, which is based on exercises provide an opportunity to achieve a good muscle tone by stretching the muscles of different parts of the body and, therefore, possible to achieve a specific health effect.During exercise stretching muscles subjected to stretching, for a few seconds in a condition, then return to normal.To enhance blood circulation, stretching is not suitable, because all the movements are very slow.The essence of stretching is that:

  • muscles through stretching, relax and become more elastic;
  • joints acquire more mobility, which entails an increase in flexibility;
  • focused, deep breathing has a beneficial effect on the brain.

main idea of ​​stretching health advocates aim to do no harm.Stretching may be performed by people of any level of health and age.The objectives of improving stretching are:

  • development of flexibility of the entire body;
  • improved muscle reaction;
  • easing stiffness and tension;
  • improved circulation and coordination;
  • decrease the load on the intervertebral discs and cartilage of joints, faster removal of toxins, so that the general condition of the whole body becomes significantly better.

Destinations stretching

The shape stretching is divided into 5 areas:

  • active stretching when efforts are made to it to stretch any part of the body;
  • passive stretching, in which the partners involved;
  • dynamic stretching, in the performance of which involves some other exercise, and one action smoothly into another;
  • ryvkoobraznaya stretching, called ballistic.Keep in mind that this type of stretching is contraindicated in improving the performance of stretching;
  • statistical stretching, proven as the most effective of all.It laid the basis that the person is in a certain position for 15-60 seconds.

To rule out the possibility of harm to stretch before you start the exercises, we recommend carrying a small warm-up.Must necessarily be warmed muscles.The muscle should be increased supply of oxygen due to the fact that increases the intensity of blood circulation.If you have a desire to stretch the muscles effectively, they need to pull, being extremely relaxed.If you will stretch the muscle tension, then you have to spend more energy to be with the lower result.During the exercises you need to follow the carriage, as improving the efficiency of the exercise is achieved by a flat back.In addition, it is important to maintain calm breathing, breath should be done through the nose, and exhale - through the mouth.One of the key moments in the capture of stretching is the principle of regularity.If the number of studies is too small, but their effectiveness in this case is high, the cherished goal will not be achieved.The appearance of the effect of stretching can be expected gradually.The main rule is symmetry stretching.Stretch every day should be given 30-60 minutes to be able to achieve results that will impress you.