The flexibility of the body , exercises for flexibility

flexibility of the body indicates how it is young.Not so easy to make the body flexible, but it is possible.Flexibility means the maximum joint mobility.Development of flexibility contributes to the specially selected exercises for flexibility.At the same load direction, the ratio of the exercises, which are designed to develop joint mobility, and improve the elasticity of the ligaments, must be balanced.In the absence of regular training gradually deteriorates flexibility.

How to check the extent of its flexibility

There are several exercises, how to check the extent of its flexibility:

  • need to stand with your feet together and slowly tilted to the floor.If you remove your palms to the floor, you will be charged 4 points if your fingers - 2 points, if you can not touch the floor, then 0 points;
  • place your feet shoulder-width apart, take a right and left slopes, while the pelvis should remain in place.If you were able to reach the calves, you will be charged 4 points, if you get to the knee -
    the 3 ball, if you can not reach the knee - 0 points;
  • lie on your back, get a foot behind your head and try to touch the floor with a straight leg.If you did, then charged 4 points if the leg was bent - the 2 points if it was not possible to touch at all - 0 points.

If you scored between 8 and 12 points, you have the enviable flexibility.If 4 to 7 points, the flexibility you partially lost, if you managed to score 0-3, it means that you do not have sufficient flexibility.

How to develop body flexibility

Even if you just use the muscles of their intended purpose, it is because of this can make them longer.In the morning, the body of a man of the least flexible.You increase your flexibility while standing, sitting and walking.The positive impact is performing vigorous fizzaryadki.In particular, the increased flexibility contributes to rhythmic gymnastics.How to develop flexibility of the body?It may slightly increase, if we take a hot shower.If warm internal tissue to 45 ° C, it is possible to increase range of motion in a joint by 20%.If the joint is cooled to 18 ° C, the flexibility is reduced by 10-20%.But this change of indicators of flexibility of a temporary nature.The most preferred method for increasing the elasticity of the muscles used perform a complex of exercises aimed at stretching.

General principles of human flexibility

General basics of flexibility is the implementation of the slopes, spins, turns, swings, flexion-extension.Exercises can be performed alone or with a partner, you can use a simple training device, or a variety of weights.

Exercises for flexibility of the body

To give the flexibility needed to sit back in a chair with a back so that his feet reach the floor.Feet need to put on the floor, knees to bring together.Make lean forward and cupped the front legs of the chair.Shoulders should be relaxed, the muscles are stretched hands to gently pull the body down.In this position, to stay for 20-30 seconds.Then slowly get up and take a vertical position, pull the neck and sit up straight.Hips should be held in place, rotate the torso above the waist to the left and grasp with both hands on the back of a chair.Head turn left and try to look behind him.Left hand you have to turn the body even further and at the same time ensure that the shoulders and neck is not strained.Stay in this position.Perform the same rotation right, and then to repeat the exercise.

for flexibility hips need to sit down on a chair facing forward.The left leg should be straightened, not to bend your back, lift his leg high as you can.Strain muscles in the abdomen and one hand grasp the left hip, relaxed shoulders, and the other - the caviar of the left leg.The left leg is easy to pull yourself, you will need to try not to tilt or bend back.Stay in this position, then change legs and repeat the exercise.

For flexibility of the calf muscles have to stand facing the chair seat, the distance to the chair should be a little more than 50 cm, knees slightly bent.We need to lean forward and grab hold of the edge of the chair seat, the back should not bend, and the head should be with back in line.The left knee should be bent, right leg set aside, while the back will not be parallel to the floor.Stay in this position, switch legs and repeat the exercise.

for flexibility shoulders and neck need to put your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, abdominal muscles stretch, expand the chest, shoulders relax, keep your head straight.Both hands should make for a back and cupped his right wrist.The right hand gently pull down, stretching the shoulder.Head turned to the left and stay in this position, then change direction and repeat the exercise.