Methods of recovery

During the life of any person is faced with the problems of the eye.Its deterioration is significant impact of adverse environmental conditions, poor diet, excessive eye strain.To date, developed several major techniques, varieties exercises for the eyes, with which it is possible restoration of vision.The main task of a man faced with problems with vision, is the selection of suitable methods and restore his sight.The methods of recovery.

Technique Eagle Eye

to modern revolutionary development, aimed at the restoration of vision, is a technique of Eagle Eye.This method involves the possibility of non-surgical restoration of sight for 10 days.Before you open an opportunity to stop squint to read a particular label, see the world in all its various colors, to fully enjoy the beauty of the world around you.Using techniques Eagle Eye, you can forget about contact lenses or glasses.The technique involves the development of the eye muscles and restore the natural flexibility of the eye's lens, which deter
mines the visual acuity.

Methods Bates

According to the methodology of Bates on the shape of the eyeball is affected by external muscles.As a mainstream technique performs face-palming, focused on physical and psychological recovery of view.Exercise is quite complicated, despite the seeming simplicity of the mental representation.But if you manage to master this exercise, you will not be disappointed in the results obtained.

Methods Zhdanov Zhdanov

method is to promote the Bates method.Its main achievement - a lecture and video, dedicated to the restoration of the eye, becausemany people the information much easier perceived through sight, not listening.

Methods Norbekova

Feedback from patients Norbekova technique is the most controversial.Its essence is to perform physical exercises, acupuncture automassazha, organization of self-hypnosis sessions, performing complex psychological exercises.

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