Exercises for eyes - the restoration of

For the large amount of information absorbed by a person every day, from the eyes require a constant voltage, so that they get tired.The cause of most of the problems associated with vision is a strain.Exercises for the eyes to restore vision, does not take a lot of time and do not cause difficulties in implementation.The main thing - carefully read the description of the exercise and think about it all the words.If all the recommendations of the exercises and the rest will be most effective.

exercises to relax the eye

to perform exercises designed to relax the eyes, you need to sit or stand steadily and quietly.You can even lie on your back.In the field of view should not be a source of bright colors.After the adoption of the necessary provisions need to close your eyes and relax the eyelids.Mentally, you can pet eye soft warm fingers.Try to feel like eyeballs are passive in their sockets.The body and face are to be relaxed because of this it will be provided with extra rest.Moreover, all the atten
tion should be focused on what you relax your eyes.A feeling of heaviness and heat must be replaced easily, and then you have to realize the complete loss of sensation of the eyes.Time for relaxation is not limited.In carrying out this exercise in between other exercises for the eyes of its duration can be 20-40 seconds.If the exercise is carried out by itself - the duration can be 3-5 minutes.Carrying relaxation possible at any time.

Exercise eyebrow

Eventually eyebrows are becoming heavier and heavier.To remove this weight, it is advisable to do the exercise for the eyebrows, which not only helps to relieve pressure from the eye, but also help to look younger.As an exercise to raise their eyebrows a conscious effort to do so as long as the top of the ears does not appear any feeling.After that you should train until such time as the same feeling will not be reproduced in the ears, eyebrows, without having to lift the forehead should not be wrinkled.When you get to perform this exercise, you will feel that the severity of which was previously on the eyebrows, will automatically rise to the eye, there will deliverance from her eye pressure.Perhaps to happen this exercise, it takes some time.Most often, people fail to achieve the desired effect on the first try, so do not despair, it is necessary to continue to try to do the exercise, listen to yourself, and ultimately you must succeed, and you will feel the effect of this exercise eyebrow.

Massage eyes

  • With simple manipulations of stroking fingertips closed eyes, pressure, vibration, light kneading and massage the palm may provide a good tonic effect on blood circulation, nerves, and optic nerves.The most popular is the simultaneous reception of massage in both eyes with two fingers - index and middle.During the massage, walking on the lower edge of the eye movements should go to the nose.When the massage is carried out on the upper edge - something above the eyebrows.Repeat these movements need to do 8-15 times.
  • Even as a method of massage eye can be used stroking brow with the back of the second phalanx of the thumb.This should involve both hands.Stroking should go from the nose to the temples, making little pressure.Eyes in the performance of the procedure should be closed.Repeat 20-30 times.
  • good effect has execution under brows pressing three fingers three times.The movement should be carried out on the upper edge of the orbit, and the need to try to get the nails do not touch the skin.The movement should be directed upwards.Similar manipulations have to do with the lower edge of the orbit, in this case, the motion shall be directed downward.

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