Weight Loss

Losing weight without harm to their health

Today invented so many different diets for weight loss without any harm that promise rapid shedding weight, but help these units slimming diet.Some of these diets are very strict requirements, so they often endure very difficult and not everyone's strength.But there are ways that actually help and not harmful to health, which is important.We read some of the recommendations.

important rule of losing weight

  • limit salt intake.Doing it gradually is recommended.It does not hurt, because the whole point, the body needs, is already contained in the products, and dosalivanie food is usually quite 5 grams of salt;
  • recommended a balanced diet.Do not forget about the inclusion in the diet of healthy foods, which include fruits, vegetables, herbs.Do not ignore porridge and soups, their preparation takes much time, and you can really make a variety of options.These products are very useful for the digestive tract;
  • should pay attention to the handling of products: It is recommended to consume less fried,
    baked in the oven for longer, or boiled.Soups zazharku desirable passaged no more than one minute;
  • minimize or eliminate altogether add favorite spices because they provoked the production of gastric juice and increases appetite.You should also give up the foods that contain these seasonings.These are marinated, smoked and salted products;
  • One of the most important aspects of losing weight without harm to health is the amount consumed servings and frequency of meals.Recommended multiplicity meals 5-6 times a day.Eating is desirable to stretch on for 20-30 minutes, which helps to improve digestion;
  • weight loss diet without harm based on the consumption of large amounts of fluid.This has a double benefit, because the stomach is full, ie,amount of food eaten would be less, in addition, with the liquid derived substances which are not needed by the body, e.g., slag, etc.. Liquids understood Useful drink if it tea, the sugar better drink green or herbal tea, fruit drinks, yogurt, water, or water with lemon.
These six aspects are the basis of all the diets that are not harmful to health.When complying with them you can not only lose weight but also improve your body.
Also, do not forget about cleaning the body, it is recommended to take a few days adsorbents suitable for this well-known activated carbon.It is desirable to include in the diet of dairy products and no harm will drink a course of vitamins.
In the absence of contraindications once a week is useful to sit on a "starvation diet", by which is meant that during the day you can drink only water or only yogurt.This day helps clean the body and get rid of the extra kilos in the abdomen.
Nutritionists recommend that the interval between meals was not more than five hours.This is to ensure that the body knew that the food arrives on a regular basis, it is sufficient for life and do not need to stock in the form of fat.To ensure not to miss the five-hour interval, it is recommended to eat more than three times per day, ie,to do small snacks between meals.Snacking best vegetables, fruits and nuts that are good for the body and contain vitamins.
Doctors recommend a diet to increase the usual dose of vitamins in half, which helps to ensure that you will be able to maintain healthy skin color, to support the immune system, protect the nails and hair.In addition, the intake of vitamins helps to ensure that you will be kept in a good mood, attention and performance throughout the day.
Do not forget that a healthy sport harmony harmony is understood, and if you maintain muscle tone, then 1-2 extra kilos will be invisible to your body.If you have flabby buttocks and tummy nepodtyanuty, it will be evident.In the absence of a visit to the gym, you can make a daily walking for 20 minutes.
If you follow such a regime in a couple of weeks, you'll feel much better and, in addition, lose weight without harm to lose weight.