Sexual health in men and women

Sexual health in men and women requires special attention and care.The simplest and most important condition for an intimate human health is a daily cleaning the morning and evening, as well as mandatory water treatments after intimacy.For cleaning the recommended use of warm boiled water.It is impossible to wash ordinary soap because it contains lye, unacceptable for the microflora of genitals.We recommend the use of special intimate gels, buying that need to look at their composition: gel for intimate hygiene must be enabled lactic acid, which contributes to the fact that in the intimate zone will maintain the natural acid-alkaline balance.If the gel will contain triclosan, it will only be an additional advantage because this substance is considered to be the safest cosmetic ingredients that do not cause allergies or irritation.As part of the gel for personal hygiene must not contain dyes and perfumes.Before you wash, be sure to wash your hands.
owners of long sharp nails need to be more careful, b
ecause when one awkward movement can cause damage or scratch the skin.Remains of moisture on the skin after bathing is necessary to wet a towel, and not wipe.Hygiene is recommended to use a separate towel for individual small intimate areas, which should be washed at least once a week, and after washing with steam iron to iron, so will remove all bacteria that may remain after washing in the villi.We do not recommend frequent use wet wipes for personal hygiene, since they contain a lot of beauty items that remain on the skin after use and can cause an allergic reaction.

Choice underwear

Many girls prefer the thong.Scientists have proved that the presence of a narrow strip of panties on this model helps to ensure that bacteria from the anus can be transferred to the genitals.Also on personal hygiene negative effect wearing synthetic underwear is not breathable, thus causing sweating and providing favorable conditions for the occurrence of thrush, warts and dysbiosis.This applies to male hygiene and feminine.The only difference is that women are the symptoms of disease are felt almost immediately, and the male half of humanity is its vector, and may in a few years not to suspect the presence of diseases.For sewing lingerie should be used natural materials, the laundry should not be rough seams, and it should not be uncomfortable: when it is worn, it should not be felt.
recommended at night to rest from tightening underwear, but keep in mind that at the same time you need to sleep in a clean, ironed, natural and pleasant to touch bedding.It is advisable not to start in his bed pets because they are carriers of many diseases.

rules of hygiene for women

most vulnerable time for women is menstruating, because it is in these waning days of the protective function of the flora.Therefore, you should refuse sexual relations, making a bath and swim in the waters.It is recommended to change the installation in the critical days of at least 1 time in 3-4 hours.If you use tampons they must be replaced every 2 hours.Do not use tampons at night, because the spin-off, absorbs them, tend to decompose in moist warm environment, thereby forming bacteria.A similar situation with pads on every day: It is recommended to change them every 4 hours.Do not buy scented pads as flavorings can be caused by allergies and the appearance of candidiasis.It should pay attention to the selection at each change of underwear: the presence of heavy incessant discharge should see a doctor.

hygiene for men

main rule for men's personal care is thorough washing of intimate areas, especially should pay attention to the foreskin, as it folds accumulates the highest number of bacteria that causes bad breath.It is therefore provided in some countries circumcision.Men should pay some attention to the toilet, becausedue to the physiological characteristics they are constantly touching the genitals hands, the hands should be washed before the toilet, and after it.Be sure to soak through intimate body with toilet paper, otherwise it will remain on the laundry marks, creating a perfect environment for the spread of infections.Men should pay attention to the isolation, the appearance of which is a clear sign of the disease.

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