Jumping rope to lose weight

To consolidate the achieved results in losing weight you must include exercise.But this does not necessarily use the fitness center or gym.You can do without them, every day jumping rope for 15 minutes.With it you can burn calories quickly and efficiently.Jump Rope for weight loss is an effective trainer.

jumping rope for weight loss

a child skipping rope just gives us pleasure, but other than that, it is a good helper in dropping excess weight in adulthood.The more make jumping rope for one minute, the more power consumed, and the person loses weight.With rope exercises strengthen muscles and breathing apparatus.When performing exercises on the rope for weight loss is very important that the exercises are performed daily for at least 5 minutes.And then the result is obvious: with the help of the rope you gain harmony, your movements will be graceful, you will feel confident and, of course, reset the hated extra kilos.

Choice rope

It is very important to choose the optimal length of the rope.In or
der to determine whether this rope you need to fold it in half, pull the hand, and the pen must be kept together.In this position, the rope should touch the floor.In this case, the ratio of "the growth of the length of the rope" is optimal.The rope must not lie on the floor, but only touch it.
addition to the usual rope, there are the following types:
  • children;
  • weighted;
  • speed;
  • electrons with a calorie counter.
Selecting the rope depends on what goal you pursue.

How to jump rope

Jumping rope, elbows should be close to the body, the hands should rotate.During the lessons back should be straight, with isolation and landing legs have spring.Jumping can be simple, with a twisted rope, double, forward, backward, on one leg.
the best results in weight loss can be achieved if the jump on the rope for 30 minutes a day.Apart from the apparent weight loss, jumping rope, and have other positive effects: using it can improve muscle tone, get rid of cellulite, strengthen muscles of the legs and buttocks.

How to start exercising with a skipping rope

start jumping rope should be slow.Do not just try to do the exercises at a high speed.With experience, you will surely come to the technique of jumping, and you can not just jump quickly, but also perform a variety of exercises and games with a skipping rope.
loads from training with a rope should not be too large, should not immediately peretruzhdaetsya body.Due to the complex of exercises with a rope made prevention of varicose veins, and weight loss, muscle tone becomes good, and you get a wonderful mood.When losing weight with a rope can lose weight up to the required parameters.After training with a rope, you can treat yourself to fresh green tea or herbal decoction.Meals should be balanced.

Contraindications for classes rope

performs exercises with a rope is contraindicated in the presence of problems with the kneecap and cartilage, joints, with omission of the kidneys, with a very large excess weight.Do not forget that jumping on a skipping rope, dramatically increases blood pressure.If you have heart disease, you should consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise.
Do not try to jump on the rope in the room, if you have a large hanging chandelier with crystal pendants or low ceiling.

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