Exercise for problem areas breeches

Why are there problems with the zone breeches?This is due to the fact that the fat molecules are like the sand in the bloodstream, and in places where the "current" quick - clean the bottom of the bloodstream, and where there is stagnation of blood fat molecules begin to precipitate.Hence, there are fat deposits.In everyday life leg movements back and forth are produced, respectively, and the circulation of blood carried out in this direction, and therefore the front surface of the legs which is located above the knees, no fat.It is not possible to stay here.But "sidewall" hips are quiet pool blood in this sector stagnates, and the deposition of fat molecules in the manner of sludge.Getting rid of the zone breeches?It is necessary to send blood to the area of ​​breeches, thus it will wash out of the fabric layers of fat.For this purpose will not do traditional exercises for the legs as they are again moving forward and backward.

Exercises zone breeches

  • Lead legs to the side.We need to stand up str
    aight and take up the support of one hand.Then take the same leg to the side at least 10 times.No need to lift up high leg lift must be so, as it turns out, because the hip joints usually do not work in this plane, respectively, they will resist.Over time, the joints has developed;
  • plié squats.Feet need to put wider than shoulders, toes out to deploy.Slowly sit down.The depth of the squat should be equal to the thighs parallel with the floor, you can sit down, even below this level, then slowly straighten up.To improve the efficiency exercise, you need to put the butt on the floor in front of a gymnastic stick.To take hold of the top end.Through the use of a stick, you can keep your back straight, which is an important condition for success;
  • side lunges.We need to pick up one dumbbell and doing "atypical" sideways lunges.Attacks are carried out first with one foot, then the leg needs to be changed.It is necessary to descend lower into a squat.If you notice that the attacks produced quite clumsily, then you need to start with a diagonal lunges, and make them in the direction at an angle of 45 degrees.After this exercise you will turn out, you can go to the side thrusts;
  • side jumps.For this exercise zone breeches need to draw a line on the floor or label it with a rope.Fall into a low squat and jump from place exactly sideways.If you do this exercise at home, it is recommended to wear sneakers.Repeat the exercise 30-40 times in each direction;
  • Lie on your side along the edge of the bed.Keep your upper leg straight, slightly hanging downwards.Right leg raised or lowered.For starters, do 10 swings, a few days you can gradually begin to increase the number of strides, bringing them to 30;
  • necessary to sit on the floor and pull your hands to dissolve.Shoulders should be thrown back, feet should be slightly bent at the knees and rest against the floor.Pull your knees to your shoulders so that the leg from the foot to the knee were drawn perpendicular to the floor.Then pull them into a single line parallel to the floor and touch the heel of the floor.For starters, you can do 2-3 repetitions, then at least the amount of training to bring them up to 8, 10;
  • We need to stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart to place.Hands pull forward and squat slowly, his head down.In carrying out this exercise, you should try to pull the back muscles as much as possible.The stomach should be retracted, and the thighs should be parallel to each other.Then you need to slowly rise to its original position.To get started is to perform 2-3 repetitions, then gradually over time bring to the 8-to 10 repetitions;
  • necessary to sit on the floor, hands to lean back, legs dissolve.The feet must be turned alternately in and out.To get started is to perform 5-6 repetitions, a few days should be increased to 10-12 repetitions;
  • necessary to sit on the floor and lean back with his hands.Then dilute legs apart.This leg should be bent at the knees.We must slowly raise your knees to the side to the limit, and then return them to their original position.To get started is to do 5-6 reps, then bring gradually to 10-12-year-repetitions.

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