Proper cardio exercise for weight loss

If you want to lose weight, you should try cardio workouts because they are the best exercises for weight loss.The complexity of cardio workouts is that you need to understand what should be the intensity of the load, as well as to choose the movements that are suitable for you.Before the start of classes in the program cardio workouts need to understand the originality and impact of cardio on your body.


weight is lost if the body burns more calories than it receives from the food.The best way to accomplish this is to combine cardio, strength training and a healthy diet.But as the cornerstone of the program act is cardio exercise.This is due to the fact that most cardio helps burn calories in a single workout.During training the heart rate becomes higher, the blood begins to be pumped faster, breathing becomes tense, the body sweats, calories burned.With just a few movements of cardio may burn 100-500 calories.The exact number of calories burned depends on how hard you are exercising, the time
of their execution and the used weights.Because while having cardio burns a lot of calories, there is no need to reduce caloric intake.Programs cardio workouts you can perform almost every day without fear of injury or overtraining.

best cardio exercise for weight loss

most effective means - is the regular implementation of the basic training, compiled personally for you.And in this case, you will be able to reach the goal and get rid of the required number of kilograms.The difference cardio movement is the intensity of their effects on the body.Under shock activity refers to movement that greatly affect the body.These include exercises, such as walking.Under high impact exercise activity refers to acting on the body very rapidly.These exercises include jumping or running, the body burns more calories than when driving with nizkoudarnoy activity (for example, walking).Under full activity refers to exercises that focused on the muscles of the body.To understand what you need to do cardio movements you need to start with the answer to the question: how many calories lost during specific exercises.
Take a person weighing 67 kg.During the 30-minute workout it burns:
  • 340 calories for step aerobics;
  • 238 calories on a stationary bike;
  • 270 calories during the voyage;
  • 170 calories while walking;
  • 270 calories while running;
  • 200 calories while driving with the mower on the lawn.

selection of cardio loads

number of cardio loads need to be individualized.It depends on many factors:
  • calories consumed with food;
  • training intensity;
  • metabolism, depending on age and sex;
  • level of fitness;
  • weight and percentage of body fat;
  • your exercise program.
For those who just started a cardio workout for weight loss, exercise is necessary to select their choice and implement them depending on what your level of athletic training.The duration of training should be increased every week, bringing it gradually from 30 to 45 minutes.After the appearance of the feeling of preparedness, it is necessary once a week to include interval load, which will contribute to burning more calories and exercise endurance.Under the scheme we need to deal with 5-6 times a week, varying the intensity of the exercises and their implementation.
exercises included in the program of cardio workouts, contribute not only to lose excess weight and maintain health and wellness.

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