Learning to walk is beautiful

Not all women know how to walk properly and nicely.But the correct gait besides that it looks beautiful, can hide some figure flaws.While walking your body should be straight, shoulders and hips stationary.Shoulders should not sway when walking.Care should be taken so that the shoulders are not lowered, the head not swayed from one side to the other.Your arms should be slightly bent at the elbows.

How to learn to walk nicely

to walking hips were fixed, need to stand up straight with both hands to take up the stick, which must be behind at the hips.With this stick must resemble a few minutes.It will prevent the femur moved during walking.Moreover, this exercise helps straighten shoulders and retraction of the abdomen.
necessary to carry out on the floor in front of mirror a straight line or a stretch tape.Go a few times along the line while watching in the mirror of his gait.
Learn how beautiful you can walk through their efforts.We need to stand against a wall, lean on it.The wall should be in
front of a mirror.Walls should touch the heel, shoulders and head.The legs should be straight, not bent at the knees, stomach in.Heels must stand together, toes slightly apart.
Then you can play music with a record of any waltz and walk in his rhythm.This exercise will help to ensure that your gait becomes graceful, regardless of your will.
is recommended that the first 8 days of walking barefoot, after this period you need to wear high-heeled shoes.Regardless of whether you are performing the exercises barefoot or in shoes, toes should be bent at the last stage of each step, thereby giving a boost.

Five stages of the ideal step

It is believed that the ideal step is to consist of 5 stages.In the first step the right foot to move forward, the toe should be extended.The movement should come from the fixed hips and body weight should rest on the left leg.In the second step you need to hold the line on the floor is easy to put the heel of the right foot, the toe slightly move aside.In the heel of the right foot and the toe of the left foot should be a distance equal to the length of your foot.If the step is longer, your gait will look unscrewed.And with shorter step Your posture will deteriorate.The third stage starts from the moment when your heel touches the floor.At this point, you want to transfer weight from left foot to right.Start of the fourth stage falls on the movement of the left foot forward, it must be done in the same way as the movement of the right leg.In the fifth stage, you need to hold the line to put the heel of his left foot.

In science, learning how to walk properly, an important role is played by hand.They should be nicely bent and swayed to the beat of walking: the movement of the right hand must be in sync with the left foot and left hand - with the right foot.If, during the walk you have begun to notice that your hips and shoulders moving or shaking his head, then you need to repeat the exercise as long as there will not be completely eliminated these drawbacks.By applying some effort and patience, you can achieve a graceful gait and learn to walk nicely.At first, of course, have to pay attention to whether you are going smoothly I change my leg and so on, but over time the beautiful walk will go into your habit, and you can only go so catching glances of passers-by on.In an effort to correct and beautiful walk, you should not think that the way the walk model is correct gait.This kind of walk will be out of place or on the street, or at the office or at a party.You should not seek to imitate someone, you need to be an individual, including gait have to be peculiar to you.

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