Sports protect against depression

According to scientists, exercise protects against depression, because the interaction of active substances, including the neurotransmitter serotonin.At high concentrations of serotonin, the mood becomes good and a sense of joy.By lowering its level, man becomes directly dependent on the appearance of anger, irritability or anger.During sports is an increase in serotonin levels.Serotonin is the opposite of cortisol production which occurs when there is a stressful situation.Regardless of the type of stress, anxiety or anger is accompanied by high concentrations of cortisol, initiating a cascade of further reactions.When you exercise, cortisol levels decrease.

Sports depression

Recently, psychologists are increasingly in case of depression, psychological overload and dejection recommended exercise as a remedy for depression.The results appear after only 15 days of regular practice.Thus, the sport will give you not only a great mood, and toned body.
physiotherapists beneficial effects of sports acti
vities during the depression is explained as follows: physical activity for all organs of the body caused by the active oxygen supply, including the brain.A large dose of oxygen, which entered the brain, can reduce the symptoms of most mental disturbances, such as sadness, depression, stress, insomnia.
also in humans increases self-esteem, thus the background excluded negative thoughts, or they are suppressed at all, giving way to a good mood and a feeling of satisfaction.During physical activity in the brain are released endorphins - the special chemical compounds that affect mood.Similar effects have antidepressant drugs, but the dual effect of sporting activity.In addition to euphoria, which causes the release of endorphins, physical effort minds distracted from the daily concerns by reducing the blood cortisol - a hormone that takes part in the symptoms of stress and depression - and there is the production of serotonin, known as the "happiness hormone" and is responsible for mood,normal metabolism and sleep.
As a result, after exercising our view of life is becoming more optimistic mood uluchshaetcya, there is a feeling of satisfaction, significantly increases self-esteem and confidence in themselves and their own abilities.

Increased antidepressant effect

In order to increase the antidepressant effect, resulting from the exercise, it is important to take into account environmental factors.While sadness and stress people tend to isolate themselves from the world around them as psychologists and physiotherapists sports is recommended to carry out in the open air or in the gym, when a group activity.Contact with nature and people, we have a positive charge.
Aside from the fact of socialization during exercise as a remedy for stress is necessary to set specific goals.For example, go for a walk for 40 minutes a day, or 1.5 km swim in the pool.This need stems from the fact that being in a depressed state, we have a sense of commitment and responsibility of multiple blunt, so similar quantitative estimates need to put himself into some framework and not to allow a "break" before the plan.Note that the goals should be fully enforceable.If you have a clear goal, you can overcome the apathy and laziness, and for achieving this goal will be a sense of satisfaction.

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