Exercise, if the blades protrude

blades can act if you're too enthusiastically exercises for the chest: bench press, or breeding hands lying.Also, the reason for extending the blades can be special exercises for the front beams deltoids, causing these muscle groups outperform their antagonists (which is the lower part of the trapezoids, which reduces the shoulder blades together and keep the upper back, right), and rear beams deltoids that trap shoulders back.As a consequence, strong chest muscles along the front deltoids and shoulders are pulled forward.However, they do not face resistance from trapezes and thus exacerbated by bending the thoracic spine.There is a habit of the spine to a situation, and it is increasingly bent outward, there are structural changes in the vertebrae, developing a slouch and increases the risk of developing certain diseases.

If you are the blades

To eliminate protruding blades need to strengthen the muscles of the upper back and rear deltoids beams compared with the chest muscles and front deltoids.In
addition, the need to train yourself and your body to ensure to keep the back straight, without disturbing posture.If you've never trained with weights, then it's time to start.Strength training generally are themselves useful.

  • to blades do not protrude need 3 times a week to perform 2 exercises.The first exercise - a thrust to the belt on the low block.Exercise is performed in a sitting position.Moreover, the positive part of the repetition must be performed in two steps: first you need to keep the blades, it needs to take the shoulders back, and only after that you need to bend your hands, you just need to pull the lever to the belt.The pause should be on one bill.The negative phase allows the blades resistance to dissolve.This exercise is aimed at the lower part of the trapezoids and a number of accessory muscles of the upper back.
  • second exercise is breeding a little bent arms with dumbbells.At the same time you have to stand in the slope.Reaching the top of each rep, you need to make a clear break on one account, and then slowly lower your hands need.Do not let dumbbells fly up and down the essence of the exercise is to get you to work the rear deltoids beams.When performing exercises bending angle should not be changed.
  • Perform each exercise should start with two sets of 10-12 repetitions.First, let's work with light weights.Then you need to increase the resistance.If you wish, you can increase the number of sets.
  • If you already did the exercises with weights, and protruding blades were the result of dedication to the chest, then it is necessary to temporarily chest leave to support the load, for example, bench presses, and lock workers weight, which must remain constantfor a while.Simultaneously, it is recommended to introduce an exercise program described above, and to gradually increase the load therein.
Daily exercise to keep the blades were
  • In addition, you can perform a few daily exercises that are intended to help straighten the spine.To do this, sit on a chair with a back that ends at the level at which begins the thoracic spine.It is necessary to sit back, hands behind his head and start gently bend in the thoracic spine.In this position, you need to spend as much time there or the situation.Suffice it to a few minutes.This exercise is desirable to perform several times a day.
  • While at home, lying on the sofa, it is recommended to enclose a thoracic spine thick cushion made of bath towels, hand need to have a head and lie down for a while on his back without a pillow.Exercise the same as the previous one, can be performed during the day or night several times.

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