Training for fat burning

There is a wide variety of sports, aimed at burning fat.We will understand that the training is to burn fat as it can be, and what is the essence of the exercise.

Pilates. Pilates is an excellent system, helps to recover from injuries.With such training developed joints and tendons.This type of training is ideal for obese people who are not ready for more serious occupations.Energy costs for training are not big, but for the start of training these energy costs are well suited.

Yoga. During training burning calories is minimal, but in terms of weight loss yoga has the advantage: to study yoga deeply calm breathing, quieting the mind going.Yoga is the first assistant in getting rid of excess fat, because the work with your body should begin with the head, with the conduct of combat stress and negative attitudes and emotions.Another advantage of the Vedic Yoga is considered food.

Fitness Yoga. The fitness yoga traditional yoga was only part Asanov.Increased burning of calories, but still

their number is not large.This method of burning fat is also suitable for people who are not ready for serious training.

qi gong and tai chi. The benefit of this type of training is similar to the benefits of yoga.The number of calories used is increased, but this is not the essence of calories, and obscheozdoravlivayuschem effects on the body.

Bodyflex. This kind of exercise to burn fat opposite of Qi Gong and yoga in terms of breathing.To burn fat, you need oxygen.

running. Running is a good tool if you use it correctly.The results can be expected from the shuttle run, running with the acceleration, but not from the standard run.

Tai-Bo. To obtain significant results should be training like a fighter.

Dance aerobics. This type of workout, at least, learn to dance, but will it help to lose weight?During this hour workout can burn up to 500 calories total.

Fitness. belief that fitness will give the best results for burning fat is only partially true.During sports studies found that the burning of fat tissue in untrained people in the aerobics begins after 30 - 40 minutes of training.The frequency of contraction of the heart should be 110-140 beats per minute.As the degree of fitness starts to burn fat faster.If a person is constantly training in cardio mode, then it begins to burn fat after 15-20 minutes of training.According to science, there is no point in training, the duration of which more than 45 minutes, because after that time the training begins to stand out in the body of cortisol, which is split muscle protein for the purpose of extracting energy from it.After 45 minutes of practice, you do not burn fat and burn through muscle.Therefore, fat-burning workout should be short, but intense.

So learn to adjust your weight should be athletes, not at fitnesistov and nutritionists.Vocabulary which promote burning maximum calories are not popular becausetheir implementation more difficult than the rock press.In addition, to perform the exercises correctly is not as easy to learn and their correct implementation should be under the guidance of an experienced coach.That is, you can make a short conclusion is that the program for fat loss should include as little cardio fitness;training should be intense and short, have the style and explosive acceleration;necessary to include strength training.In addition, from time to time need to change the types of training, and training should be carried out under the guidance of a professional trainer or in a group.

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