Exercises to relieve fatigue

There is no universal method by which can relieve fatigue anyone.It causes fatigue also diverse: it can occur due to physical exertion, and maybe because of intense mental work.Consider exercise to relieve fatigue, occurred for various reasons.

Removing fatigue from mental work

When mental work to relieve fatigue accumulated during the day, you need to irritate the points on the neck and head.These exercises can be done while on the road.To do this, loosen clothing that may constrict the neck and massage fingers laden with large muscles of the neck, placed over the ears and neck.These muscles are located on both sides to continue their massage as long as relieve tension.For the next exercise you have to press both hands on his head, and if at the same time you feel that in some department there is a weakness, it is necessary to massage it with a force as long as he is not fully relax.Try to press the tips of the fingers on Hyakuh point located at the crown.If you feel as if it settles, it suggests th
at the head was very tired.After the head point for irritated, you need to put the hands on the waist, slowly and carefully pressed thumbs on two sides adjacent to the vertebrae, gradually shifting the hands.Then you need to in order to massage the thighs, bending the knees, calves, ankles.Then a massage, going in the opposite direction.
massage Repeat 10 times.To perform the final exercise, you need to sit down, cross-legged, and make inhaling and exhaling.Then attach the fingertips to the symmetrical point Futi and Tenchi, located on the back of the head, lift the shoulders, place the elbows to the side and straighten your back.It should take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds.You then need to breathe through your mouth, pushing at this point to point.Exercise repeat 15 times.

Removing physical fatigue

If you feel general fatigue, you need to perform light exercises, achieving equilibrium circulation and the nervous system.The general condition of the body may be impaired by excessive movement of hands and feet.If a person suffers from diabetes or gastrointestinal diseases, the body gradually weakened, and in the morning the patient is not only hard work but also to get up for work.In the summer, you can change a person's mood, air-conditioned.To remove the physical fatigue the technique of finger exercises.This is due to the fact that fatigue occurs usually in the muscles, then activity disorder neurotransmission transmitted to the brain where it is perceived as fatigue.
If a person feels sluggish, but he did not do hard physical work, it may not be a feeling of tiredness and fatigue imaginary.In this case the removal of fatigue is a change of mood: for example, a woman in another comb your hair, and men rethink their desktop, and negative feelings not stay for long.

set of exercises to relieve fatigue

  • to relieve fatigue to do selection of coins from the floor.Coins must be chosen strictly on one, thus it is impossible to bend your knees.The minimum number of coins - 10 pieces.Through this exercise trains the balance of muscles throughout the body.After you collect all the coins you need to make a few tilts back;
  • necessary to press the pad of the thumb on the point Sёzdan, which is located behind the middle of the calf pain.Hold for 20 seconds, then quietly lift a finger.Repeat this exercise 2-3 times;
  • necessary to lie on the floor, place the hands at your sides, legs straighten.Try to make the most of the spine touching the floor.In this position you need to stay within the 8-to 10 minutes;
  • necessary to lie on your back, stretch your arms forward and pull up.This is not the shoulders up from the floor.Exercise should be repeated 7-9 times;
  • necessary to lie on your back, clasp the legs bent at the knees, her hands and shook her like a "Roly-Poly";
  • necessary to lie on your back, legs bent at the knees and put his hands behind his head.Off the floor head and shoulders, and the stomach should be tight.Repeat the exercise for at least 7, 10 times;
  • We need to sit down and rested his chin as low as possible, slowly turn your head to the right and to the left.Repeat exercise 5 times in each direction.