Exercises for charging at work

set of exercises that will help you quickly and efficiently brisk return to working mood.It is especially useful for those who have sedentary work.For example, if you are an accountant and you have to sit up on duty in uniform posture for several hours, then set aside everything and began to study exercises.

Exercise pas stretching the neck muscles

Stand up straight and put his hands behind his head.Tilt your head as low as possible in advance.The hands must touch the head.Try to lift his head, overcoming the resistance of hands.Efforts should be noticeable but not excessive.Repeat this exercise several times.

Exercise to strengthen and stretch the back muscles

Do this exercise whenever feel that you have got tired of the spin.Stand up straight and trying to break away from the floor, rise on your toes.Raise your arms as if you are trying to reach the ceiling.Cheren briefly relax.Then bend over and grab the hands of feet behind the track.Sbhranyaya such a situation, try to straighten the b

ack.The main hold hands.Maintain this strained position for several seconds.

Stretch legs

Come to the table and lean on his hands.Torso so that it is parallel to the table surface, and the legs kept straight position.Then lift one leg up and hold it down for a few seconds.Then lower it and do the exercise with the other leg.Repeat several times.

Rotating head

Stand up straight and slowly rotate the head.Do 20 rotations in each direction.The rate of rotation should be such as to avoid any dizziness.

exercises to develop flexibility

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.Raise your hands up and slowly bend down, trying to touch the hands of the toes.Then stood up and, without bending your arms, lean back start.Do 10 tilts to each side.


Stand up straight and raise your arms to shoulder level and spread apart.Arrange the feet shoulder-width apart and follow the twists and turns of the body.Hands should be rotated together with the body and legs remain stationary.The greatest effect is achieved if during turns, you'll tend to see some object behind.Follow about 30 turns.

Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the upper part of the spine

Stand up straight.Legs can be arranged or hold together.Begin by lifting a shoulder.Then take them back, and then - go ahead.Movement should be different smoothness, and the whole exercise should be like the rotation of the shoulders.15 must perform rotations in each direction.

Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the lower spine

Lie on the floor.Raskinte hands to the sides and lift the leg.Try pulling sock.After getting used to this state of lower leg toward the floor, and if you raise the right leg, then lower it to the left, and if the left - right.Remember that in such inclinations toes should touch the fingers of the opposite hand.Exercise should be repeated 20 times on each leg.

Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the spine

Turn to the left side and straighten your legs.Keep your hands at your position.Slowly podii Meath right leg up and then slowly lower as those.The next movement of the pull up the same pace to the GRU di knee and try to touch your chin.The foot naturally be bent at the knee.Do this exercise 10 times and then turn over and do the same with the other leg.

Stretch the muscles of the spine

This exercise can be performed in the event that you have a home bar.Hang on it so that the feet are not touching the floor.If your house is not the bar, you can use the top edge of the door.Hang on the bar as long as you can, but do not forget that the body should be relaxed.

Perform these exercises every day, then you will be able to compensate for the negative consequences of physical inactivity.At work, make small breaks to stretch and restore their strength and with renewed energy to return to work.

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