How to deal with at the gym

In any modern fitness center there are lots of various simulators and other equipment designed for sports, which carried out all sorts of exercises.Many newcomers are confused at the sight of such an abundance of sports equipment.Most of those who first saw the sport trainers do not know how to do at the gym.The best way out of this situation is to help the instructor who tells you how to deal with at the gym, which perform the exercises that made sense and eventually produced a positive result.

How to deal with at the gym

Certain trainers have an impact on different muscle groups, because it is necessary to carry out exercises on different simulators in turn.If you alternate exercises, you will be able to make a series of exercises more dense and reduce the time to 2-3 times to purchased the desired physical form.Regular exercise contribute to the development of certain motor skills.
During the exercises on the simulator, it is important to accustom themselves to proper breathing: exhaling should
be done when making a maximum effort.Accustom themselves to such a regime, you will facilitate the work of the organism and specify certain rhythm movements.

Classes start on simulators

When you start training at the gym, our muscles have to overcome the resistance of goods and sports equipment.When correctly calculated the value of the cargo is possible to obtain a variety of injuries and damage.Therefore, a control and adjustment of the weight of the load and the state of the projectile.
Optimally, for a couple of weeks of classes you have tried as many different simulators that could load the muscles.It is necessary to prepare, that in the first few days will be difficult, because the muscles will "come alive" and get used to the new load, so the body will get sick.Use the machine at any time convenient for you, the main thing that lesson was not immediately after waking up.The researchers noted that more fat is burned during the early load.Furthermore, the overall energy level rises organism.
number of approaches to the same simulator should be increased gradually.In the intervals between repetitions of the body has little peredyhat.The optimal mode of employment for 1.5-2 hours 3 times a week.

How to choose clothes to practice in the gym

If you are looking to intensive training, you should give up too tight clothes.The best option is a t-shirt or T-shirt, comfortable pants that do not hamper movement.Sportswear must be sewn from elastic material that transmits moisture and has antibacterial properties.Buying clothes for classes at the gym, it is recommended in the dressing room to make a couple of active movements to be able to immediately determine whether the selected suit is comfortable for you.Pay attention to the shoes: aerobic and running shoes are different elevated cape.With this design facilitates running and jumping, but this type of footwear is not suitable for strength training.For bodybuilders need shoes with a firm, but not perfectly straight and thick sole.

Nutrition for training on simulators

One of the most important components of the training is good nutrition.To get a good result is very important what you eat.We need to take care of a balanced diet.To do this is to follow a few simple rules:
  • need to eat 3-5 times a day in small portions;
  • need to choose different sources of protein;
  • advisable to eat at the same time;
  • not recommended to load up before going to bed;
  • to power should give preference to natural products.
  • should not abandon the carbohydrates, because when consumed in small quantities they improve the chances are very small figure.After athletic training can effectively rejuvenate legumes.

avoid mistakes when training on simulators

  • do not think that the best trainers - is the most fashionable trainers.Sometimes a more effective impact on the functioning of the muscles has a regular run;
  • simulators recommended to engage intensively;
  • not be afraid to sweat, because perspiration is a measure of how efficiently your muscles work;
  • desirable dwell on "point discharge" of fat from certain parts of the body.It is necessary to pump the muscles;
  • pace yourself is not recommended exercise duration, since the heightened pace of your forces will be enough for a maximum of a week.In addition, physical activity is required to alternate with a rest.

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