Diseases During Pregnancy

Swelling in the legs during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman gains about 10 kg, and 5.6 kg of liquid falls on.Water retained in mainly in adipose tissue and connective tissue.Swelling in the legs appear in the last trimester of pregnancy.

signs of swelling in pregnant

clear sign of edema is left on the skin after pressing a finger on the front wall of the lower leg pit, which did not immediately accept the original form.If the hole is not clearly visible, but when pressed with your finger still remains a slight impression - a pasty, the mild edema syndrome.

pregnant woman is required to pass an additional examination, if the swelling appeared before the third trimester of pregnancy, because in the future there can be serious health problems.

Sudden weight gain during pregnancy also says the threat of the appearance of puffiness and their build-up.During normal pregnancy a woman's body weight increases gradually.

swelling in the legs during pregnancy can not express themselves or, in rare cases, create discomfort.Do not forget that

such swelling may be a sign of a terrible disease, as many somatic diseases (inflammatory, cardiovascular, renal, endocrine) occur with edema syndrome.During pregnancy edema associated with increased capillary permeability, and as a result, propotevanie fluid from the capillaries into the tissue.

physiological and pathological swelling

Edema during pregnancy can be divided into physiological and pathological.Since they do not have clear boundaries of the transition from one to the other, then the diagnosis is difficult enough even for a specialist.

Typically, physiological swelling mild and have the character pastosity.They do not lead to the development of complications, are alone at the end of pregnancy.

Abnormal swelling are part of gestosis.This disease occurs only during pregnancy and can be expressed in three symptoms: edema, proteinuria (protein excretion in the urine), hypertension (increased blood pressure higher than 140/90 mm Hg. Art.).The causes of preeclampsia are not fully understood, but it also takes place after the end of pregnancy.

treatment of edema in pregnant

Pregnant women with edema are under the supervision of the women's clinic.Every ten days of pregnancy is required to visit the doctor to monitor the dynamics of weight, blood pressure control, renal function.If necessary, a woman prescribed preventive medicines complexes or fitosbory, which includes herbs that have a sedative effect (valerian, motherwort), sedatives charges, fees, improving kidney function (kidney birch, bearberry, cranberries, corn silk, horsetail), fees, normalize vasculartone (Hawthorn: flowers, fruits).

Prevention of edema in pregnant

In order to prevent the progression of edema is recommended the introduction of work and leisure, long walks in the fresh air, taking into account weather conditions.When choosing a position at bedtime should stay at the position on the back or on the left side.It is necessary to adjust the diet to focus on foods rich in vitamins and trace elements, limit table salt, spices.The amount of fluid intake should be in direct proportion to the weight indicator of the dynamics of edema, the presence of preeclampsia.It is necessary to choose the right clothes.It should be "breathable", consist of natural fabrics.Not allowed tight collars, belts, rubber bands, cuff.

swelling of the lower extremities causing increased fatigue legs.When available, buy orthopedic shoes, insoles, arch supports.Often rest, while resting his feet should be kept in the raised position.

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