Fitbol generates posture

fitball - is a kind of fitness program that offers all modern sports clubs.Fitbol enjoys great popularity as people are more and more concerned about their body shape and health.Fitball is not only the program but also the name of the simulator used in this form of gymnastics.
Classes are held on the simulator, which is an orthopedic gymnastic ball with a diameter of 45 to 95 centimeters.With the growth of 165 cm, it is better to choose a ball with a diameter of 65 cm. The user must have a weight of less than 130 kg.The ball can withstand a static load of not more than 300 kg.If the trainer accidentally cut or punctured, it will not explode, and will begin to slow down as it equips a special security system.The ball can be easily deflate and inflate using an ordinary bicycle pump.Exercises on fitball simple, it is necessary to implement them, while in the supine or sitting position.
Fitbol generates posture, develops flexibility.In the gym ball can be arranged for pregnant fitball, fitball for inf
ants.You can also use it for weight loss.Thus, it is a universal trainer, suitable for all the family members, regardless of age and gender.Going it beneficial for the spine and lower back, as using them reduces fatigue, develop all muscle groups.Through exercises on a fitball formed buttocks and thighs, develops abdominal, flexibility, trains vestibular system improves coordination of movements, the spine and joints are released from loads received per day.

Fitbol Maternity

Recently popular fitball began to use among pregnant women.If engaged to carry out an exercise on the gym ball during pregnancy, the woman is easy to cope with the excessive burden on the feet and spine.

exercises fitball

  • Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles.To begin this exercise, take a starting position - lying on his back.Stretching his arms behind his head, they have to keep the ball.Then slowly sit down, without raising the legs and hands with fitball must be behind the head.Depending on how prepared your body for exercise, repeat the exercise.You should start with a small number of repetitions.Their number should be increased gradually, focusing on the opportunities and the body;
  • Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest and arms.This exercise is meant by a push on fitball.Start standing with a small number of push-ups, gradually increasing the number of repetitions;
  • Exercises for waist.To begin this exercise, you need to take the starting position - sitting on the ball.Do not forget to control the back: keep it straight.Put your right hand on his knee, and the left - in the thigh.Then turn the body to the left, and the need to take a hand as far as possible.Try to do 10 repetitions on each side, changing the position of the hands during the transition to the turns in the opposite direction;
  • Exercises to strengthen the buttocks.Before starting this exercise, take a starting position - lying on his stomach, put her head on folded hands.Hold fitball feet, lift the legs together with gymnastic ball and immerse them.Try to perform 15 times;
  • Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen.To begin this exercise, it is necessary to take the starting position - lying on his stomach on the ball.Toes need to rest against the wall.Get hands behind his head.From this position it is necessary to raise the body, and the back to arch.Linger for a few seconds at the point and return to the starting position.If possible, repeat the exercise;
  • Exercises to strengthen the hips.Before performing the exercises take a starting position - lying on his back on the floor.With the power clamp fitball between feet.Then slowly lift your feet off the floor.The legs must be raised through an angle of 90 degrees, and then lowered to their original position.Repeat this exercise 10 times.
When performing these exercises regularly, you can keep your body in good shape, while they themselves will be in good spirits.Your movements will be graceful and precise, and, of course, significantly improve your posture.