All of distilled water

By distilled water is meant ordinary drinking water that is free from impurities.It is obtained using special distillation apparatus - distiller ordinary fresh water by evaporation, whereupon it was distilled.By distillation is meant condensation of steam.In these processes, all the impurities that were present in the water remain in the evaporated residue.At the heart of the distillation process is the fact that water is a volatile substance, and salt - are not volatile.Due to the fact that distilled water is practically no trace elements and mineral salts, it is an excellent solvent, but it is this property that makes it unsuitable for drinking.Trace elements and minerals - is the essential components of food that are essential to the human body could function normally.Distilled water is mainly used for research or medical purposes.

A method for producing distilled water

In the tropics, water is heated by solar heat in shallow trays, iegreenhouse.Then, condensation of water vapor.The ideal place to
set such plants are tropical coastal areas, which are adjacent to drylands in need of water.In principle there is nothing complicated distillation, but due to the fact that it is used on an industrial scale, many problems arise.For example, in as fresh water is evaporated from the vessel, the salt solution is gradually becoming more concentrated, and finally the salt precipitates, thereby forming a scum.A scum in turn, deteriorates the thermal conductivity of the walls of the vessel, clog pipes, etc.Addressing may be performed as follows.After distillation of sea water need to vent some fresh water, instead of which dialed the new portion of the sea water.This should be done very carefully so as not been lost the entire stock of heat that has been accumulated in the heated sea water.Otherwise, newly recruited to the cold sea water will have additional heat.It is also worth considering that if the distillation is carried out at atmospheric pressure, the water must be heated to 100 ° C;at a lower pressure there is a decrease boiling point of water, and therefore require fewer distillation heating costs.
the basis of another method for producing fresh water is freezing seawater.This method is to spray sea water in the vacuum chamber.Due to vacuum cooling techniques already used in the food industry, water can be cooled below the freezing point.Consequently, a mixture of ice crystals in the brine.Once the ice is separated, it is subjected to repeated recrystallization.This continues until the desired level of purity.On this principle is carried out of the plant, giving a daily 1 million. Liters of fresh water.

All of distilled water

scientists from various countries have found that the softer the water, that is, the less it contains trace elements and mineral salts, the more likely that the people living in this area, there will be cardiovascular disease, mainlyway, coronary heart disease and hypertension.Specialists also concluded that caries and also depends on the low water concentration in mineral substances and trace elements, especially calcium, magnesium, fluorine, lithium and potassium.In this regard, if consumed in distilled water for a long time, it is not only useful, but also harmful, and may adversely affect health.
Because distilled water does not contain macro- and microelements, then drink it while compensating for substances that are not in it, a special diet, fruits, vegetables, raw food, drugs and other trace elements.

use distilled water Distilled

Water is used for the purpose of safe operation of the battery, electrolyte density correction, the dilution of concentrates coolants flushing the cooling system and for other household needs.For example, it may be added to steam irons (making it possible to completely eliminate the occurrence of scale), in order to make adjustments freezing antifreeze for stekloomyvatelnogo tank, and for color printing.

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