How to restore the body after strenuous exercise

During nucleation athleticism restoration was understood by the length of time that is needed to rehabilitate the body could naturally after exercise.Bodybuilders paid much attention to how to restore the body after strenuous exercise, and over time they realized that the recovery period can be increased artificially, like improving training.The result was a set arsenal of techniques, including the physiological and biochemical effects.Thanks to modern technology after a highly scientific training recreation bodybuilder has the ability to not only more complete recovery of his strength, but also to do it faster.As a result, he has a unique opportunity to frequent training than accelerating overall growth dynamics of "weight."

ideal method of recovery after exercise

ideal technique is that the recovery is already in training.After every 15-20 minutes of exercise bodybuilder proteinovouglevodnuyu drink mix, so by the time the rest after a workout full of his blood glucose and amino acids.After each set
make bodybuilders massage of the muscles that were involved in the exercise.This massage helps to ensure that they will be removed from the protein "slag", which are residual products of protein metabolism.

final workout

At the end of training athletes to devote 10-15 minutes to deeply stretch all the muscles, which contributes to faster healing subsequent intramuscular micro traumas that are the result of the influence of physical activity.These discontinuities are microtraumas and damage of muscle fibers.Then bodybuilder visiting massage room with a 20-minute session of deep massage recreation.After a visit to the massage room he was going to the sauna, where at least 15 minutes.The final stage of a visit to the gym is a 20-minute swim in the pool.In the locker room or in a cafe at the sports club bodybuilder take an impressive batch of concentrated protein mixture, and carbohydrates, and then sent home.An hour later, he receives another portion of protein-carbohydrate mixture.Giving physical stress on the body, you need to remember about good nutrition and aerobic exercise as post-workout day accompanied by a general drop in metabolism, iereduced energy tone, which in turn adversely affects muscle anabolism.

muscle recovery after exercise

muscle recovery depends in the first place, not from the correct strategy recreation, but from common mistakes amateur bodybuilders.These errors include:
  • large load exercise.Pressures should be moderate;
  • duration workouts.If exercise is prolonged, it can lead to the fact that the liver and muscles are completely deprived of emergency reserves of glycogen;
  • sleep duration.Bodybuilders recommended extra sleep during the day;
  • aerobics classes that promote the growth of the "masses".Their selection is carried out individually, taking into account the level and intensity of your workout bodybuilder;
  • properly chosen diet, necessary for muscle growth.Power bodybuilder should be based on natural and high-grade products;
  • obtain the necessary number of calories.When you receive fewer calories than necessary, it may worsen the overall well-being;
  • presence of stress that affects the slowing anabolism."Weight" is to fully grow only in providing mental peace;
  • unbalanced training process.Balanced training includes 4 components: training, aerobic exercise, recovery and nutrition;
  • during training load should not be monotonous, as monotonous physical stress on the body will kill the process;
  • the presence of alcohol and steroids.In sports it recommended the exclusion of consumption of alcohol and steroids.

Secrets recovery after exercise

  • necessity of stretching the muscles before you begin the exercise, and after its implementation;
  • Recommended food in compliance with the rules, which include a mixture of protein-carbohydrate, free amino acids;
  • Aerobics for "washout" of protein toxins from the muscles;
  • Conducting massage aimed at the working muscles.Ideally, the time of the - right after a workout;
  • adoption of aquatic therapy, which implies a sauna, steam room, swimming pool.Water therapy has a restorative effect after exercise.

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