Hydrotherapy - treatment of a person with water

We all know the good old truth which says that "water - the source of life"!And so it is not for nothing that in this issue are unambiguous and the Bible and medical reference.It is important to eat a normal amount of clean water in order to feel healthy and look cheerful and attractive.In addition, the properties of water are so useful that today has become quite popular hydrotherapy, which is one of ancient and proven by many generations of "medicine" against many diseases.Appearing in the days of Hippocrates, this procedure and our day is recommended for preventive purposes, and is used to treat many diseases.The benefits of hydrotherapy noted by Hippocrates, who invented a method of dealing with various ailments.Initially, it determines how much time the procedure should take place, what kinds of hydrotherapy used and under what diseases apply.
However, if thousands of years ago was the undisputed effectiveness of hydrotherapy, today this method in traditional medicine is used only for the purpos
e of prevention.But alternative medicine still adheres to it.

Indications for hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is recommended for patients who suffer from diseases of the joints, stretching the muscles in the legs are in pain, suffering from urolithiasis, flatulence, loss of appetite, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, a variety of liver diseases.
In addition, the use of baths or showers increases the tone very well, has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and nervous system.Popular is the use of water therapy to get rid of excess weight and obesity, because in this way speeds up the metabolism .Used water treatment and anesthesia.For example, in obstetric practice during battles , to blunt the pain, it is advisable to water the belly warm shower.Also useful would be taking a warm bath to reduce the excitability of vascular disorders.Well, it's all about the warm water, because of the benefits to the human body hardening everyone knows.Teach yourself gradually to such a procedure, and you will forget what colds!

Contraindications to hydrotherapy

Of course, like any other methodology, hydrotherapy has a number of contraindications.Thus, the procedure is not recommended for use in existing chronic diseases, especially in the period of exacerbation.Contraindications to the treatment of water are infectious diseases, a number of dermatological diseases, glaucoma.It is not necessary to think about hydrotherapy, if there are to be malignancy or benign, that can grow.Among other diseases, prohibiting water treatment - kidney failure, blood disease, tuberculosis.Additionally, hydrotherapy can not start the women who started menstruating.

Rules of hydrotherapy

important to know that to interrupt or stop the course of this treatment is impossible.It is also not recommended for the procedure after long loads, then wait at least two hours.It is mandatory constant treatment time and temperature of the water.Listen to yourself during the treatment with water.Your body will tell you, such a procedure is right for you or not, and any of her feelings.In the case of ill health is better to stop the course.
Perhaps this is the basic tips for hydrotherapy, and if you happen to have any questions - do not be afraid to ask the specialist who conducts the procedure!

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