Circulation shower and power shower

Perhaps the healing properties of water today heard each.Perhaps this explains the popularity of procedures such as a circulating shower and power shower.
It is on these procedures will be discussed in this article.Extraordinary power shower has an incredible effect on the human body, affecting appearance.This method is based on the hydrotherapy exposure effect alternately warm and cold water flow as a jet to the human body.All this takes place under strong pressure and exposure, thereby improving the result, because in this way the water stimulates the spinal cord and brain, strengthens the heart muscle and blood vessels, improves immunity, tempers, gets rid of excess weight.

Indications soul Charcot

There are a number of indications for which is recommended to use power shower.Among the indications for circulation per capita:
  • problems with the nervous system, diseases of hypertensive nature as an excellent means of circulation will be showers or rain showers;
  • failure of metabolism;
  • ascending shower, Charcot recommended for hemorrhoids, atony sphincter, prostatitis;
  • skin diseases, for toning the skin;
  • for immunity, hardening of the body ;
  • to eliminate injuries of the musculoskeletal system.In this case, it made a small, light-massage shower;
  • diseases associated with joint, damaged tendons, muscles;
  • if necessary, strengthen the protective functions of the body;
  • to establish circulation.
Often power shower for weight loss as an indication for use.In combination with diet and exercise for weight loss circulation shower - a great helper!

Contraindications shower Sharko shower and contraindications circulation

Like any other procedure, power shower and a circulating shower has a number of contraindications, under which should not engage in such treatment.
should know that such water treatment is strictly prohibited at the existence of serious inflammation, hypertension problems, chronic illnesses.Contraindications soul Charcot are angina, recent stroke, heart attack, aneurysm, chronic heart failure, various types of cancer education, both malignant and benign, that can grow.Perhaps this is the main and most serious contraindication, but this is not the entire list, that is why before the procedure circulation soul consult with an experienced professional who will give you the green light, or, conversely, prohibit the procedure Sharko shower.

procedure Sharko shower

such manipulation is carried out at a distance of 3-5 meters.Initially, the person in front and behind completely watered strong pressure fan jet of water, then such actions are carried out only from the front.After the procedure, the fan should be compact pouring when the shower is conducted on the legs, from the feet.For the back and the other hand used the jet shower, which is called sputtering.Gradually shower goes on the sides, on the abdomen, where the water runs circular massage.The final fan spray splash body.

duration circulating shower 15 minutes.Typically, one person assigned 15-25 sessions, during which the water is gradually lowered degree ranging from 35 to 15 degrees ending.

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