Methods for filtering drinking water

There are two main sources of supply of all life on Earth: it is either water, accumulating in streams and rivers and into the lakes and reservoirs or water restocking groundwater seeping through the soil.In the first case it is open source water intake, or surface.Both water resources are interrelated and have both advantages and disadvantages of using them as a source of drinking water.
for surface waters are characterized by the relative softness, a high content of organic matter and the presence of microorganisms.For groundwater characterized by relatively high level of salinity, high stiffness, low organic content and the almost complete absence of microorganisms.
Before you consume in drinking water, it is necessary to clean it.For this, consider ways filtering drinking water.

Defending water

One way of purifying water is its advocacy, which should last at least 6-7 hours.In the process of settling on the bottom of the dish will deposit chemicals harmful for the organism, heavy elements c
hlorine, salt, etc.Therefore, it is recommended from a vessel, wherein the water settles, pour the water when it is approximately 1/3 of the water.

use of household filters for drinking water

For residents of large cities recommended purification of drinking water, not only by settling, and using household water filters.They are considered the most suitable filters, which use a combination of adsorption and ion exchange technologies.By combining these technologies the water is cleaned of residual chlorine, organic contaminants, and even heavy metals.
But it happens that after filtering the water is not getting better, it is possible that even the quality of the original below.With such a situation may be faced by those who use sorption filter, in which the water passes through the sorbent.As sorbent often used activated carbon, which contains organics and microorganisms, but it is intended for permanent use.If the filter is not in use for a month, then it begin to breed bacteria, devouring absorbed organics.In order not to face additional trouble, after a long break is necessary to wash the filter for a few hours.
filters based on activated carbon and carbon fiber due to the absorption of organic compounds and chlorine are removed off-flavors and odors from drinking water.Such filters are usually installed directly at the point of use close to the kitchen faucet.Also automatic activated carbon filter can be installed on the cold water inlet pipe.

Filters for mechanical particles

first on the pipeline entering the house to install a filter, producing mechanical treatment.They are designed to retain large impurities (particles of sand, scale, etc.) are taken out from the well or coming from the water.Mechanical cleaning can be carried out using the sediment filter, grid and disc filters, cartridge filters.Mesh or disc filters are considered optimal for the removal of sand, sediment particles, scale, for preliminary and coarse filtering, if the quality of the source water is low, or if the quality varies periodically.Cartridge filters perform the function of water purification from dirt, sand, rust and other insoluble impurities.Cartridges are replaceable filter elements.As a material used for the manufacture of polypropylene, cellulose, polyester and other materials which have pore sizes of 0.5 to 70 microns, which allows for a flexible approach to the desired degree of water purification.Make good use of cartridge filters in conjunction with screen or disc.

Water purification from iron

addition to the above at different stages of purification to obtain high quality potable water, removal of iron is carried out from the water.This task is one of the most difficult in the process of water purification.It is used for removing iron oxidation, catalytic oxidation, ion exchange, distillation, and membrane methods.

Water softening

There are different types of water softening, each of which has its own peculiarities.For this purpose the polyphosphate addition can be used, and other "antiscale" electromagnetic interference, the magnetic effect, ionic resins, special alloys.

Removal of viruses and bacteria

to remove viruses and bacteria using ultraviolet sterilizers, filters having a threshold of less than 0.5 micron filtration, reverse osmosis, as well as systems based resin used especially PentaPyur.

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