Water and its benefits for the body

Everyone knows that the role of water in human life is very high and occupies if not the first, one of the first places.The existence of a living cell can not be without water.The water content in adults is 60-65%.All the processes that occur in the body due to the presence of water, as well as dissolved substances.Let's see, what is the water and its benefits for the body.


Water Water is a chemical that has no color, taste and smell.It is transparent.It is necessary to create and maintain life on Earth, to form living organisms, climate and weather.Water has many unusual properties, which include, for example, that it has three states - solid, liquid and vapor.It has the highest boiling point, the highest rate of electrical resistance.When mixing water with carbon dioxide in water is an increase in acidity.

Use of water for the human body

Water use is very high - for all vital processes must be enough water.In this regard, the flow of water should occur in the body as well as of all nu

trients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals).Do not forget that you can not use an excessive amount of water a day, because it could badly affect the functioning of the kidneys and cardiovascular system.Every day, with proper nutrition in the human body must be supplied about 2.5 liters of water in its purest form, and with food.The same amount of water released.The use of water is that it provides normal conditions for all vital processes.

When it is hot outside, the mouth a feeling of dryness, and I want to quench their thirst.Make it with water is very easy - just drink 2-3 sips, and quench their thirst.It is not necessary to combine with abundant drink ingestion, as this may lead to poor digestion.

When we, for some reason stopped drinking enough water, then there is a gradual dehydration of the body that adversely affects the health in general.The very first symptom of a lack of water in the body is a headache.Often when a headache people start to drink tablets, but actually to start is better to drink a couple of glasses of water and wait for a while.Another sign, indicating a lack of fluid, is constipation.In order to solve this problem, doctors usually prescribe a course of laxatives.But in this case it is possible to start with in order to track how much water is used in the day and start drinking required amount, and the result will be obvious.If you leave the problem of constipation unattended, long-term constipation can become chronic stage, which will entail the appearance of hemorrhoids.Thus, the use of water is evident.

If the lack of water in the body chronic, the symptoms of dehydration begin to turn on.The hardest fall to people who are suffering from various autoimmune, allergic, cardiovascular disease, lupus, and joint diseases.Effective treatment of these diseases, which in many ways provoked by the fact that within the body accumulates toxins that can achieve good results, but eating adequate amounts of fluid.With the help of caffeine and sugar in coffee, tea and other beverages, can not excrete the accumulated toxins.Only with the help of water you can cope with this problem, of course, this will take time.

Another important property of water is that it helps burn fat, normalize metabolism, reduce hunger, and has a blocking effect on appetite.In cases of fatigue, intoxication, alcohol hangover is impossible to do without the use of large amounts of water, and the body itself so requests.Due to the water from the body safely displays all toxins and is a restoration of the body's vital energy.