Boiled water is harmful to health

There is a common belief that after boiling the water can be consumed without fear.But in fact, boiling does not kill all germs, and, especially, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates, phenols and oil products.In this regard, to purify the water, it is not enough to boil.Witnessing this can precipitate calcium and magnesium salts on the walls of the kettle.Therefore, boiled water is harmful to health.

What is bottled water?

Boiled water is water devoid of minerals.This water does not have the ability to dissolve anything, because it is simply a dead inert water provoking edema in the body.

Boiling water

Surely you noticed that if the water does not boil in the kettle, "how to", the top in the circle may appear white foam.This oxygen, which did not manage to get out of the water to the end.It is in this regard, the fish can not live in the tank, which is filled with boiled water: because there is no oxygen and they simply can not breathe, and have nothing to eat.
Surprisingly, if we boil
the water and leave it to cool naturally, and then heat up again and will bring to a boil, then top again produced a white foam will appear again oxygen.That is, it turns out that the water is gaining oxygen and during the boiling we kicked out of her.To avoid this, it is necessary to heat the water to a certain temperature, but not to boil it, or boiled water is harmful.Today for this purpose there are many possibilities: kettles, thermoses and coolers equipped with this function.

What is water

Imagine that you put a seed into the ground a little carrot.To grow, you would always watered, since the organization of any cell, the development of any organism begins with water.However, it attracted the necessary trace elements.Carrot contains more manganese and, for example, beetroot - more copper.It is thanks to the water of the growing cells into the soil is sent a signal that it is necessary for growth.
Each vegetable growing under or above the ground, as much as possible accumulates those substances which it should contain the most.The same process happens inside of us.If you give the body is always the same type power supply, instead of the 250 types of cells will be only 150. If we draw an analogy with vegetables, it is equivalent to saying that we plant different vegetables in the garden and grow a carrot.

Terms consumption of boiled water

When the water is boiled for a long time to cool, it is a completely dead liquid.But it is possible to minimize the energy losses, if you follow the simple rules:
  • Drinking water should be boiled until the water is hot;
  • it is safe to drink, and hot water, which was not brought to a boil.All the talk about the fact that if you do not dokipyatit tea, you can get an upset stomach, are myths;
  • Old boiled water can significantly improve the quality, if it poured several times from one tank to another.
  • There are areas where the water is very hard.It is known that after boiling very hard water is more suitable for drinking, so in such places it is specially subjected to long boiling, the duration of which is about 30 minutes, after which the water settles and then used for soups, cereals and other needs.But it is better to make cleaning hard water through a filter or by using a partial freeze.Or you can use distilled water.