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Benefits and harms of fructose

Today about fructose in humans, and scientists there is a lot of debate and disagreement.After all, sugar is very harmful product for the human body.Let us see what is the benefit and harm of fructose, in what quantities it is permitted to use for children and adults, the impact it has on the body.


fructose Fructose is one of the substances that can be obtained from fruits and berries.Yet it is called a natural sugar.An ordinary sugar has many shortcomings, moreover, that it is a very high-calorie product.At the use of sugar in large quantities, it has a devastating effect on the human body, and fructose is less harmful.The use of fructose is that it is much sweeter than the simple sugar is almost doubled, making it necessary to use a smaller amount.Thus, it may be reduced caloric sweet just 2 times.

Use and fructose is that it is a universal product.This sugar can be used by all people, both healthy and diabetics.Once in the body, fructose is decomposed in a very short period of time, so there

is no danger to the human body in diabetes mellitus.On the part of insulin in diabetes fructose is not subject to regulation, because of this, it is considered the safest sweetener for people who suffer from diabetes.But we should not forget that in diabetes fructose still should not be used in large quantities.

replace sugar fructose, you can lose weight, but you need the correct use of fructose.It should be included in the diet is not in such amounts as the sugar.When used for culinary purposes fructose from the diet is necessary to remove the excess carbohydrates.

benefits of fructose is that when it goes hand feeling frazzled and tired, lost dizziness arising from hunger, if we replace the glucose or sugar to fructose.Properties of fructose enable all working people to lead an active life, but first you will need some time to get used to fructose.Eat it should start with the smallest dose, preference should be given no sugar and natural fruits and vegetables.

Also, fructose is useful in that the tooth is less harmful as compared with a simple sugar, or glucose, as well as other substitutes and sweet sweeteners.According to statistics, if properly consume fructose, the risk of dental diseases is reduced by 40% compared with the use of conventional sugars.But there is a small nuance, which is that very few people eat sugar is normal, said WHO nutritionist.Often the daily intake of sugar exceeded man almost 2-3 times, so that his health is suffering.


fructose Fructose can be harmful if it can not replace a human psychological habit to put in a cup of tea or coffee to two spoons of sugar.As a result, the product will get much sweeter than the output, therefore, the blood sugar level rises person yourself.So if you go to a new simple sugar, the 2 tablespoons of you is not enough.

even with the same caloric sugar fructose is not a dietary product.When people eat foods with fructose, then there is no release of energy in its pure form, it is because this person does not come to a feeling of satiety, and he begins to eat a lot more, though this time his stomach stretched to enormous size.

harm fructose is that the pastries made on it, do not get the same delicious as prepared on a conventional sugar.Yeast dough rises considerably stronger than it was thanks to regular sugar, so that by replacing the sugar fructose, bakery out less tasty and fluffy.