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The composition and the beneficial properties of essential oil of cinnamon

leaves, bark, stems and shoots cinnamon contain no more than 1% of the oil, and therefore to produce the essential oil of cinnamon on a commercial scale requires a large amount of raw materials.For the extraction of oil from the bark of the plant is removed from the dried bark of young branches and shoots, crushed, soaked in the sea water, and then the resultant is subjected to steam distillation infusion.Consider the structure and useful properties of essential oil of cinnamon

composition of essential oil of cinnamon

Initially, cinnamon oil yellow-gold color.The essential oil has a characteristic odor of cinnamon and a burning aromatic taste.After some time, cinnamon oil become prone to oxidation processes for which they purchased resinous structure, and it becomes darker.The composition of the essential oil of cinnamon, which is made from the bark and leaves of the plant is different.As the main component of the oi

l produced from cinnamon bark, acts cinnamaldehyde, and the main component of the oil produced from the leaves of the cinnamon - eugenol.Because of this, cinnamon oil, extracted from cinnamon bark, is preferably used in cooking, and then to create a cosmetic or perfume as an auxiliary component in the production of perfumes.The essential oil of cinnamon, which was created from cinnamon leaves, suitable for the manufacture of perfumes for detergents, cosmetics, as well as tobacco and soap.

Useful properties of essential oil of cinnamon

Most people associate brown oil with something warm, and it is no coincidence, as cinnamon can warm both physically and emotionally.Due to the flavor of the essential oil of cinnamon, a person can get rid of fear, feelings of isolation, loneliness.By the beneficial properties of essential oil of cinnamon is that it calms, relaxes, and even inspiring.With cinnamon oil can create the atmosphere of trust, the elimination of feelings of self-pity and envy of others.

essential oils of cinnamon on a physical level improves metabolism, stimulates blood circulation, normalizes gastrointestinal tract, reduces flatulence and constipation are eliminated.It can be recommended for the treatment of colds and influenza.

In addition, the essential oil of cinnamon is effective in entering into the warming massage blends, it has the ability to neutralize the poison insect bites, and also helps in the case of light forms of food poisoning because they removed intoxication syndrome.They were identified beneficial properties of cinnamon oil as a means of protivoobmorochnogo.In addition, it effectively used for nausea and dizziness.Essential oil of cinnamon is accelerating the disappearance of abrasions and bruises heal injuries.If there is inflammation of the mouth or bleeding gums marked by essential oil of cinnamon can reduce inflammation and eliminate odor.It is believed that the essential oil of cinnamon enhanced sexual desire and opportunity because they have men and women stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic organs.Additionally, women, this oil can be used to reduce menstrual pain.

revealed the use of a brown oil in sports, as they increased their efficiency, faster warm up the body, and exercise more easily tolerated.

The use of essential oil of cinnamon

essential oil of cinnamon found external, internal use, and it is used for inhalation, may be part of the massage oils and even can be used by incenses.

Cinnamon oil undiluted used only to apply it to insect bites, in other cases, as a rule, it is mixed, for example, a vegetable oil and is used for rubbing in the treatment of rheumatism, in order to get rid of skinparasites and treating cuts and bruises.In this case it is necessary to take 15 ml of base oil and 3 drops of brown.

Use a mixture of 1 drop of brown, eucalyptus, orange oil and 1 tablespoonOil base effective to relieve muscle pain.For such a composition is characterized by the possession of a warming effect, and it stimulates the blood circulation.

If you suffer from bleeding gums, then 1 tbsp.boiled water you need to add 2 drops of oil and rinse your mouth several times a day.

essential oil of cinnamon is used in hot inhalations, which should take the container filled with hot water, and add the 5 drops of oil, leaned over her head, cover with a large towel and inhale the vapors deeply for 3-7 minutes.During the procedure, your eyes must be shut down to prevent damage to the mucosa.Running hot inhalations particularly effective in loss of strength, general malaise, colds.

To use inside, 1-2 drops of essential oil of cinnamon is necessary to add 1 tsphoney, jam or preserves.It is recommended to drink it with herbal tea.To remove the first signs of a cold, may be prepared therapeutic mixture, which is based on a dry red wine.To do this, heat the 1 \ 2, dilute it in 1 tablespoonhoney, 3 drops of essential oil of cinnamon, clove and cypress.All mix and drink.

The use of essential oil of cinnamon in cosmetology

essential oil of cinnamon has found extensive use in cosmetics and, above all, due to the presence in it large amounts of antioxidants and tannins, with the ability to reduce inflammation.Cosmetology is used to nourish and cleanse the skin.

addition, cinnamon stimulates metabolism and improves blood circulation, which is an excellent prevention and treatment of the initial stage of cellulite.With essential oil of cinnamon is eliminated pale skin, improves the complexion, gives it a healthy look.

If your hair weak and prone to hair loss, the essential oil of cinnamon can be added to shampoo and conditioner, hair providing additional power.

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