Tummy tuck after giving birth

women during pregnancy increases the body weight and in the most unlikely places there are fat deposits that often remain after the birth.Get rid of them to help the so-called tummy tuck, cosmetic surgery.

Postpartum Tummy Tucks allows tighten stretched stomach, get rid of other undesirable consequences of pregnancy and make the figure as attractive as before.

Indications for tummy tuck

Like any plastic surgery, tummy tuck has both indications and contraindications to be aware of.

Postpartum Tummy tuck is recommended for women after the second or third pregnancy, because after the first birth to restore skin elasticity and former body contouring body lacks its own resources.However, there are different situations, and in each case requires individual approach.

tummy tuck after giving birth is conducted in the presence of:

  • stretch marks below the navel;
  • scar remaining after the caesarean section;
  • when passing or diastasis recti;
  • altered by the form of belly fat;
  • not recovered stretched the s
    kin of the abdomen, that is, the so-called skin and fat apron.

Contra plastic

Postpartum abdomen tummy tuck is not recommended at infringement of blood clotting, decompensated diabetes mellitus, pulmonary and uncompensated heart failure, the presence of post-surgical scar above the navel, and during lactation.The operation can be carried out only after two or three weeks after the end of lactation.This is due to the fact that during the operation general anesthesia is used, and the operation is a serious stress to the body.

Surgery is recommended to carry out plastic surgery to the stomach, not earlier than one year after childbirth.This is due to the fact that the recovery of the body after pregnancy takes about a year.However postponed "indefinitely" the operation modeling belly is not worth it.The sooner the operation is performed, the better the results, and the volume of surgery is less.

Methods and stage plastic surgery of the abdomen

At present, the main methods of tummy tuck after giving birth are full abdominoplasty, miniabdominoplastika and endoscopic tummy tuck.

most lenient option is endoscopic plastic.The procedure is performed through small punctures, without incisions.During this operation eliminated the difference of direct abdominal muscles, but excess skin is not removed.

miniabdominoplastike When the abdomen is a small incision through which the simulation is performed and the abdomen.The surgery is performed without moving the navel, with good skin elasticity and can be above the level of the navel.

most difficult plastic surgery on the stomach is full abdominoplasty, in which the incision is made in the abdomen longer moves umbilical hole, around the navel is a scar.

operation to tummy plastic itself is quite complicated.In order to achieve effective results requires highly skilled surgeon and an individual approach.

First comes the preparation and planning of the operation.Then, on the skin of the patient by the surgeon to apply markup, which will host the excision of excess skin and fat tissue.The operation takes place under general anesthesia.


After surgery, the patient is a three-day under medical supervision in a hospital.For a complete rehabilitation takes an average of six months.The duration of the rehabilitation period depends on the overall condition of the body, the extent of surgical intervention, compliance with the doctor's recommendations and postoperative treatment.

often during pregnancy on the sides accumulate fat.Tummy tuck can be combined with liposuction sides.Laser treatment of postoperative scarring held within six months after the procedure.

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