Reduction mammoplasty - operation , indications and contraindications

For women, large breasts - a source of pride, but sometimes it is so bulky and heavy that causes serious inconvenience.When the mass of the breast over 0.5 kilograms of the risk of various diseases.Because large breasts possible imbalance, misalignment of the body, causing diseases such as osteochondrosis, silicosis.

large load on the neck and the back provokes migraine attacks, muscle aches and back pain.Over time, deteriorating posture and gait impaired.In addition, large breasts droops quickly and looks very unaesthetic.All these problems can be solved by means of reduction mammoplasty - reduction surgery breast.

reduction mammoplasty is performed in conjunction with a breast lift, or separately.The obligatory stage of the operation is a consultation with a surgeon, during which identifies as indications, and contraindications for the surgery.

Contraindications to reduction mammoplasty

operation is absolutely contraindicated during lactation unfinished, blood clotting, diabetes, cancer and infec

tious diseases, as well as in severe diseases of internal organs.

planning operations

When planning reduction mammoplasty patient, in addition to the laboratory and physical examination, you should consult with an oncologist-mammologist.If there are no contraindications, mammography performed.In the process of examination of the patient are measured proportions of the body, as well as the ratio of the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue and fat breast size.After the examination, the surgeon determines the condition of the skin, the degree of breast ptosis, the presence of stretch marks.In addition, the estimated volume of the mammary glands and investigated the patient's wishes.

The operation

Breast reduction surgery is complex and requires the surgeon excellence and great attention.Prior to its implementation the plastic surgeon to the patient in a standing position be marked, which depends on the characteristics of its structure and requirements.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and intravenous endotracheal lasts an average of two to three hours.The duration depends on the surgeon's experience, individual characteristics of the patient and the extent of surgical intervention.After the operation the patient's chest impose oppressive sterile elastic bandage which is removed after a day or two after a breast reduction.Then it was changed to a compression garment.


the first day after the operation the patient is in the hospital under medical supervision.In the future, after examination by the surgeon it can be discharged home.After breast reduction surgery patient during the month should wear a compression garment and comply with the minimum physical activity.Not recommended for employment in any sport, the swimming pools, gyms, saunas, baths.

At first there may be breast tenderness, observed bruises and swelling of breast tissue.But gradually these symptoms disappear, and postoperative scars are almost invisible.Six months after breast reduction can estimate the final aesthetic result.

Evidence of professional performance of the operation to reduce the breast is to keep at least a year-formed breasts and almost invisible scars.

Breast reduction and pregnancy

Before you decide to hold a breast reduction surgery, a woman should know that she will not be able to breast-feed the baby.

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