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Products that increase the acidity of the stomach

Symptoms of acidity of the stomach is a frequent manifestation of heartburn, and its appearance each time associated with the reception of certain kinds of products.In case of attacks of heartburn more than 2 times a week to see a doctor, they were given to qualified help.But in most cases, controlling heartburn possible if avoid foods that it can be called.Consider the products that increase gastric acidity.

products that enhance the acidity of the stomach

Among the products that increase the acidity of the stomach secrete:

  • alcoholic beverages.First, their use increases the amount allocated gastric juice.Secondly, alcohol increases the sensitivity of the esophagus to acid.The most unnecessary for us among the properties of alcoholic beverages has a red wine, which will likely be caused by heartburn;
  • citrus.For citrus fruits, which are capable to increase gastric acidity include oranges, grapefruits, lemons, which have high acidity, consequently, they cause an increase in the volume of gastric ju
    ice when compared to the normal amount thereof, whereby he gets into the esophagus and provokes heartburn;
  • fat.The fatty foods, meats contain a lot of fat and starch.These substances slows down digestion, which in turn gives rise to heartburn;
  • sharp.But the point is moot because if a person gets used to eat spicy food, then it is no longer provokes heartburn;
  • sauces, most of which are very fatty foods can slow down the digestive process.If after you had The used sauce, you noticed at the occurrence of heartburn, it is recommended to replace it with extra virgin olive oil or sour cream;
  • coffee, by which relaxes sphincter muscles, resulting in stomach acid enters the esophagus and heartburn occurs.By itself, the coffee has a high acidity, so if after drinking coffee you have an acid reflux, we recommend switching to something more neutral, such as green tea.

How to avoid heartburn

To prevent heartburn is recommended to change your lifestyle, there is a need to slowly, chewing food thoroughly.It is undesirable to not overeat and do not eat before going to bed, your menu should be more dietary and helpful.Additionally, to prevent heartburn may be used medical drugs, various medicinal plants and herbs.To overcome heartburn, you can use root ginger capsules which removes excess gastric juice.Similarly, the property has gentian root, wormwood and other herbs, some belonging to the family "bitter."

Thus, while reducing stomach acidity should abandon sour, fried, spicy, salty, peppered, fat and sweet.

Folk remedies for reducing the acidity

Among folk remedies aimed at reducing gastric acidity, particularly popular use of baking soda.When reacting hydrochloric acid with baking soda, the acid begins to turn into carbon dioxide and water.But it is necessary to take into account that the use of soda once possible to stop an attack of heartburn.Chronic administration of baking soda may develop terrible diseases - alkoloza.By and large, in the diet are soups and porridge.