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What foods raise blood pressure?

Thanks eat certain foods may significantly increase blood pressure.For people suffering from hypertension, it is helpful to know which foods raise blood pressure.First of all, such food products include any sharp.Hypotension is not a dangerous disease such as hypertension, but to carry on with her struggle is much more difficult than high blood pressure.In most cases, high blood pressure contributes to the use of fatty, spicy, salty foods, and decrease - sour.Therefore caution should be exercised in the use of cranberries, lemons, chokeberry, grapefruit, celery, vegetable oils hypotension.

products that increase pressure

increase in blood pressure after eating salty foods due to the fact that they contain large amounts of salt that makes you thirsty.After the meal, the person starts to drink plenty of fluids, thereby increasing blood volume, therefore, there is an increase in pressure.Sometimes a high content of sodium chloride in the blood caused by hypertension.Thus, the products, the use of which

contributes to high blood pressure, are fat, salted fish, mushrooms, olives, sauerkraut, pickles, smoked fish and canned vegetables.

also to products that increase pressure, are products that are composed of caffeine.First of all, it's coffee, black and green tea, chocolate and some.Green tea contains 4 times more than caffeine than black.

With daily use 200 ml of beetroot juice can win great underpressure.In addition, it contributes to good use a mixture containing in its composition dried apples, walnuts, prunes and dried apricots, minced and mixed with honey and lemon juice.To increase the pressure, enough to eat before a meal 1 tablespoon of this mixture.

increase in pressure helps to add to the diet rich products, ice cream cakes with butter cream.

biologically active substances have a property of increasing the pressure tinctures made on the basis of lemongrass, St. John's wort, ginseng, Eleutherococcus.

to increase the pressure must be added to the diet of dairy products, spices, teas and tonic herbs, various oils.The strongest of these products that can increase the pressure, are herbs and spices.The most desired are bog rosemary, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom whole fruit, the fruit of Shambhala.From the "People's plants' root distinguished rose, Bergenia, bark of oak and pine.Regarding dairy products is recommended to use exclusively domestic cream, butter.It is also good to drink homemade milk, which is not warmed up very much.Because oil is recommended to use ghee (clarified butter), home butter, sunflower oil, cold pressed.Also suitable are sesame and linseed oil, which must also be cold pressed.

errors contributing to increased pressure

People often overestimate yourself pressure, not limiting themselves at the use of salty foods and foods while taking money is a diuretic.If diuretics are taken, the sodium, which accumulates in organs and tissues of the body starts to be output, but it is provided with food intake, whereby the pressure is reduced.Therefore, when taking diuretics need for mandatory exclusion from the diet of salty foods.

addition, it should be especially careful with alcohol, because the first under its influence vessels dilate, after which they sharply and steadily narrowed, and at the same time sharply increased blood pressure.

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