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Preparation of green coffee and its properties

Today, coffee is known as one of the most popular beverages, due to the fact that it has tonic properties, pleasant taste and aroma.Green coffee does not exist as a separate variety, but as a cake mix usual black coffee.Green coffee is not undergone heat treatment or roasting of natural coffee beans Arabica or Robusta varieties.Arabica contains less caffeine and fat compared to the Robusta variety.This is due to the lack of heat treatment in coffee stored maximum amount of vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients.Consider how the green coffee preparation and its properties.

Preparation of green coffee

If you own roast coffee beans, you can get a better taste because of roasting depends on the duration of the aroma and taste of the drink.Cultivation of this "green" coffee should be on clean soil, fertilizer is not applied means to combat pests and synthetic fertilizers.So, for the preparation of green coffee to heat it in a skillet, stirring constantly, until brown.Duration frying average of 5-15 mi

nutes, depending on your taste.

Green coffee can be prepared in several ways.To make coffee, you will need to stock up on beans, coffee grinder, mortar or grinder, Turks or pan, strainer and the container in which you pour a drink.To prepare one serving of the drink into a glass with 100-150 ml of water needed to fill 10-15 grams of coffee beans.Do not grind the coffee to a powder, it is enough to do 3-4 short sessions grinding to obtain the necessary weight so that you can get a rich taste and a drink will be deprived of an unpleasant texture, which is supersaturated with fine particles.After preparation phase grains to the preparation should proceed to thermal processing.Turku or another container to pour 150 ml of water.Water should be poured taking into account the amount of evaporation of some of its short-lived when boiling.Water should be slightly warm, but do not bring it to a boil.The coffee mixture is poured into a Turk, and continues the process of heating.The fire must be maintained at an average level, should be periodically stir the mixture and ensure that the coffee does not boil over.Boiling coffee should be carried out with the lid open.When will the boiling water on the surface will appear a little foam, which means accession to the reaction of coffee beans with water and return it nutrients.After the beginning of the boiling process starts to give coffee its color, and you'll notice staining water green.The duration of the boiling process should not exceed 3 minutes.To use it you need a coffee filter, which should take a clean strainer having small cells, and the capacity in which you pour a drink.It is necessary to carefully filter coffee.The drink has a green tint, and is different from the classic taste of coffee.The result is a piece of coffee 100-120 grams, sufficient to develop a drink all their useful properties in the body.Coffee can be consumed.It is advisable to take a drink 20-30 minutes before the first meal or before they begin to engage in sports that have a significant impact on the results than training and improve metabolism.

properties of green coffee

proved that green coffee promotes weight loss.In addition, regular use of green coffee may obstruct the body's absorption of fat.Coffee beans contain tannins, caffeine, purine alkaloids.It is known that caffeine is used as a natural stimulant of physical and mental activity.Due to the caffeine, which includes coffee, successfully fighting with a headache and pain, wearing spasmodic.The limited amount of caffeine is useful to humans - it helps to improve the work of the higher nervous system, they enhanced the memory of man, stimulated lymph drainage, as well as strengthening the cardiovascular muscles.In addition, the properties of green coffee is the fact that the extract from it are used for the needs of aesthetic physicians and cosmetologists.Green coffee can be used if there is the need to strengthen the hair follicles, their recovery, nutrition, enhancing shine.Also, the green coffee is useful if your skin suffers from dryness, it needs moisture and protection as containing antioxidants the body cleared, and provide the necessary circulation of moisture.In addition, the green coffee beans have been used as a means to prevent formation of wrinkles, for treating skin lesions, such as scars, scars, stretch marks and cellulite.