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Berries in the forest of edible berries and poisonous berries

berries that grow in the woods, can be edible and poisonous.Accordingly, the first of which are not harmful to health, and are only useful because they contain a lot of natural vitamins, and poisonous can be dangerous not only for health, but also life.Let us see what are the berries in the forest of edible berries and poisonous berries, how to distinguish useful from dangerous wild berries.

Edible berries are eaten by many birds and animals, in this regard, if you see a peck berries on the branches and trunks much litter accumulation on the ground under a bush or tree scraps lying skin, lots of seed, etc., thethis suggests that the berries will likely edible.But still do not trust this rule unconditionally, as some animals can eat the berries, dangerous to humans.As a rule, these berries are black, spherical shape that resembles a cherry.

edible berries in the woods

  • in Rowan and cranberries contain pectin.
  • Berries cranberries, cranberry, mountain ash contains benzoic acid and citric acid, tann
    ins.These berries are not subject to damage by pests.
  • Lingonberry has a round fruit with a bright red color.
  • Barberry has red, slightly elongated fruit.
  • blueberry fruits have dark blue or black.
  • black mulberry is dark purple or almost black stems, they are very flavorful and juicy, have a sweet-sour taste. for white mulberry characteristic white berries with green, yellow or pink hue.The berries are very sweet and delicious.
  • Sambucus nigra different black-and-purple fruit with a reddish-purple juicy pulp.Small and juicy fruits are gathered in large clusters.
  • Blueberries in appearance very similar to blueberries.
  • Cornus fruits are cylindrical oval or pear shape large.The berries are juicy, their length of 1-3 cm, can be pink, ruby, yellow or dark red color.Have a pleasant sweet-sour taste, inside the berries enclosed hard bone, which has an elongated oval shape.
  • Fruits of stone bramble have a bright red color inside the fruit is enclosed wrinkled seeds. The fruit drupes yellow first, and after maturation are amber-yellow.
  • in juniper can simultaneously see the young shishkoyady and one-dvulenie fruit with green or black.
  • buckthorn berries are orange, they are strewn with branches of a tree on which it grows.
  • fruits of thorns round shape, small, have black and blue color with a waxy coating.The fruit pulp is green.
  • Cranberry has red fruit, sour taste.
  • have arctic raspberry fruits are drupes teams like blackberry and raspberry fruit, but smaller.They may be red, white, red, dark cherry or dark magenta.Berries have a bluish bloom, taste very sweet.
  • viburnum berries is spherical fruits within which flattened bone.Its fruits are juicy, but has an astringent, bitter taste.

poisonous berries in the woods

refers to toxic:

  • snowberry white (kististy) with a round white berries.
  • fruits warty euonymus orange, have a black dot.The berries hang on long grassy thread.
  • elderberry grass, smelly, the fruits of which have a spherical shape, and violet-black.In the case of poisoning by elder starts spinning and headache, there is a weakness in the throat feels scratchy, there are pains in the abdomen, a feeling of nausea and vomiting occurs.Mucous can turn blue.They flattened laterally.
  • fruits hemlock spotted, red, juicy, having the size of a pea.

Berry crow eye

Poisonous berries in the forest raven eyes dangerous to humans poisonous plant is fully raven eyes, particularly blue-black shiny berries, causing nausea, vomiting, cramps, pain, indigestion, paralysis.

bright red shiny berries bittersweet, having an elongated shape, sweet taste is caused rashes and skin inflammation.Are poisonous berries Arum, Brion, akukuby, Datura and holly, mistletoe, euonymus, gorse, castor bean, yew, privet, wild grapes.

wolf berry bark

Poisonous berries in the forest wolf bast red to poisonous berries in the woods are the wolf bast, or Wolfberry, wolf ivy, daphne ordinary, bittersweet and black nightshade.At bittersweet nightshade berries are red and have egg shape, the black nightshade berries are green and black.Berries black nightshade can be eaten, but only when they are completely mature, since immature fruits contain some toxic compounds, completely collapsing during the ripening berries.The berries can be used as a filling for pies.

belladonna berry

Poisonous black berries Krasavka poisonous berries is belladonna (Belladonna).Its fruits have a brilliant black-and-blue color, the shape flattened globular berry, the size of a cherry.M nogoletnee herb with green or purple stems, branched in the upper part, up to 1-2 meters. This plant can cause severe poisoning, sometimes fatal.

Berry baneberry krasnoplodny

Toxic and dangerous berry black cohosh krasnoplodny Another common poisonous berries in the forest is black cohosh krasnoplodny, which, on the basis of the name, red fruit. thin stems, up to 70 cm. The leaves are toothed at the edges.The flowers are small, white, gathered in a vertical brush-whisk.Symptoms of poisoning cohosh krasnoplodnogo berries - nausea, dizziness, increased heart rate, severe disorder of the gastrointestinal tract.

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