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Beer - benefits and harms

drink called beer known to mankind for thousands of years.The main raw material for the creation of beer is barley.Sometimes the grass is replaced with other crops: rye, corn, rice.There are currently brewing technology, which drinks are not made on the basis of the usual raw materials (fruit, banana, herbal).

strength of the drink contained therein causes the percentage of ethyl alcohol.

Benefits beer

Beer accelerates the body's metabolism process.Substances in the drink at the cellular level has a rejuvenating effect.According to gerontologists, beer in moderation is not only rejuvenates the body, but also reduces the risk of cancer, as naturally outputs carcinogens.Similarly proven ability to rid the body of the beer aluminum salts.This property does not have any other drink.In the beer also contains a certain amount of organic acids, minerals, proteins, amino acids and vitamins.

Due to minerals and carbon dioxide contained in beer, it is an excellent way quenches thirst.Carbon dioxide expands t

he capillaries of the mucous of the digestive tract, making the liquid more quickly into the blood.

Hop bitterness beverage reduces the effects of alcohol and activates the secretion of gastric juice.The active substances contained in hops, inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria exhibit calming and soothing properties.

If warmed beer add a tablespoon of honey, that this "cocktail" can quickly cure a cold.

Beer can be used as a mask for the hair to be healthy and shiny.In the bath beer poured on heated stones and vapors have a beneficial effect on the skin.After the bath it becomes soft and silky.Beer is also very useful for hair as a mask.Drink applied to the hair, after which they become shiny and well groomed.

harm of beer - beer alcoholism

With all the advantages, beer - not exactly friendly drink.The main problem with the use of beer - the so-called "beer alcoholism."Physicians about this phenomenon has long been known, but the townsfolk until recently was considered completely harmless beer.However, beer drinking is as dangerous as Vodka.Of course, not everyone who likes beer bring themselves to chronic alcoholism, but in recent years the percentage of such people has grown significantly.The problem is not in the drink and its excessive use.

Men with beer alcoholism comes early impotence, disturbed cardiac activity.The walls of the heart thicken, thicken the cavity, the heart muscle is partially necrotic.This pathology is known as "beer" or "bull" of the heart.At the heart is also adversely affects the cobalt contained in beer foam.Furthermore, cobalt has a detrimental effect on the esophagus and stomach.When immoderate use beverage disturbed function of the endocrine system and hormonal regulation.

The beer contains a high percentage of phytoestrogens, which are similar to female hormones.Frequent consumption of drink leads to the oppression of male hormones, because of what is happening feminization of men.Those fans of beer more feminine look - massive breasts, size more similar to women;on the sides and thighs fat deposits

Women in the beer alcoholism increases the risk of cancer pathologies and infertility, their voice is rougher, can grow "beer mustache."

Beer dangerous because alcohol use when developing quietly and quickly.If a person feels in the morning fatigue, and headache, and "cure" it is capable only beer, it means that there was addictive.

to brain excessive beer libations not pass unnoticed.Brain cells die, then entering the blood are filtered by the kidneys and excreted in the urine.It occurs disruption of spinal cord arise gastritis, neuropathy, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, increased blood pressure.

Hyponatremia and acidosis

But the most severe consequences of beer alcoholism are hyponatremia and acidosis.Hyponatremia is a sharp decrease in the sodium ion concentration in the blood plasma, and lactic acidosis, the abrupt increase of lactic acid in the body.

However, according to doctors, severe health effects only occur with regular use of large amounts of beer, leading to dependence on it.

If you drink beer in moderation, it brings the body to drink only benefit.

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