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Medicinal cocktails juice

Therapeutic juices are not only monosoki, but a mixture of juices - cocktails.The juice squeezed from one type of fruit, vegetables or berries, contains almost all biologically active and nutrients.The main rule in the preparation of juice from fresh berries, fruits and vegetables is the lack of sugar or other substances.Thus, avoiding the loss of vitamins.A mixture of different juices can improve at different illnesses and ailments.
Iron salts in large quantities contained in the juice, take part in the creation of hemoglobin, which is a key element of the blood.
Medical juice cocktails, which are derived from the berries, fruits, herbs, leaves and other plant parts, with pulp is better to use because they contain more fiber, which is essential for digestion.All fruit juices are an excellent tool during treatment phytotherapy, and they made the prevention of diseases of the circulatory system.In conjunction with the vegetable juices such cocktails stimulates the metabolism of the body are derived
slag.Live Juice Therapy duration was 1.5 months.Take juice cocktail recommended 2-3 times a day before meals.During the day you can drink no more than half a liter of juice cocktails.Juices desirable to take fresh, because even after short-term storage accelerates the fermentation process, and spoilage of healthful beverage.
For natural juice berries, fruits, vegetables, grass, leaves and other plant parts are passed through a juicer.If there is a juicer, you can use a meat grinder or a special press.For such beverages degidraticheskie characteristic properties, which is very useful for nursing mothers.Medicinal properties of juice have been used to address a variety of diseases.

Recipes juice cocktails

  • fortifying agent , improves metabolism, is a mixture of beet, carrot and redechnogo juice, taken in equal proportions.Such medical juice helps in case of anemia.
  • If breakdown recommended to drink a cocktail consisting of 230 ml of carrot juice and 30 grams of parsley or cocktail juice potatoes and carrots, taken in equal amounts.
  • To eliminate migraine is recommended to prepare a cocktail consisting of 250 ml of carrot juice and 30 grams of green spinach.For the treatment of chronic headaches can make a cocktail, which includes 230 ml of carrot juice, 50 grams of green spinach and 140 ml apple juice.
  • to get rid of insomnia recommended to prepare a cocktail consisting of 280 ml of carrot juice and 30 grams of green celery.
  • If you have heart disease, you can drink the juice, consisting of 200 ml of carrot juice and parsley, spinach, celery, taken in equal quantities and small volumes.
  • to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract recommended to take a cocktail, which includes 280 ml of carrot juice and 85 ml of cucumber and beet juices.
  • When treatment of gastric ulcers useful to take a cocktail, which includes 220 ml of carrot juice, 110 ml of cabbage juice and 50 grams of green celery.
  • If colitis well to drink, consisting of carrot and apple juices, which are taken in equal amounts.
  • for treatment of osteoarthritis and arthritis recommended every morning to drink a cocktail, which consists of carrots, grapefruit and apple, taken in equal proportions.Another embodiment is a juice, consisting of grapefruit, apple juice and birch.
  • For ease of asthma and allergy can help blend which includes 200 ml of carrot juice and 150 ml of beet and cucumber juice.
  • to treat common sclerosis used cocktail consisting of 250 ml carrot juice, beet juice 40 ml and 60 ml of cabbage juice.
  • In diabetes useful to use a cocktail consisting of juices of carrots, Brussels sprouts and potatoes, mixed in equal amounts.To one portion sufficient for 50 ml of each type of juice.
  • For rheumatism and for prevention is recommended to drink a cocktail consisting of 150 ml of carrot juice, beet juice 50 ml and 100 ml of potato juice.
  • eliminate constipation promotes the use of juice cocktail, consisting of 200 ml of carrot juice, 100 ml apple juice and 100 ml of cucumber juice.
  • for the treatment of hemorrhoids can use a drink consisting of 200 ml of carrot juice and 150 ml apple juice.
  • to lose weight it is recommended to take equally orange and cherry juice, orange and blackcurrant juice, orange juice and blackberry, cherry and apricot juice, peach and cherry juice, black currant and apple juices.