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Strawberries - one of the most healing berries

The strawberry fruit contains carotene, vitamin B1 traces, sugars, ascorbic acid, salicylic acid and other malic, tannic and pectin;anthocyanin compound: cyanidin 3-glucoside, 3-galactoside and pelargonidin al. strawberry leaves contain ascorbic acid, traces of alkaloids, tannin.Strawberries - one of the most healing berries.

healing properties of strawberries

As a medicinal plant used in medical practice strawberry leaves.It is not allowed the presence of impurities leaves the form close to her - polunitsy strawberries or green.
The strawberries can be used as a remedy for eczema, the treatment which is necessary to make a thick layer of mashed ripe strawberries on the sore spot.The crushed berries should be put on the linen cloth.With this method of treatment in the first 3-4 days the eczema cleared of scabs and several dehumidified.Then use strawberry lotion, which, according to the popular expression, drawn heat.
Strawberries are used in the treatment of sore throat, jaundice, hemorrhoids,
general prostration, uterine bleeding, as well as children's diarrhea.In the treatment of ulcers of the old used the healing properties of strawberry leaf: fresh leaves are applied to sores.Strawberries stimulates appetite, quenches thirst, from the thyroid gland decreases the absorption of iodine, antithyroid effect appears.
Strawberries used to expand the lumen of the peripheral blood vessels, reduce high blood pressure, as well as to improve the functioning of the heart and strengthen the muscle tone of the uterus.In addition, the useful properties of wood strawberry found use in the treatment of kidney and liver diseases, urinary incontinence.Strawberries are particularly useful in the treatment of colds, which are accompanied by a cough and high fever.
recommended to use a large amount of fresh berries as a therapeutic agent in the presence of atherosclerosis, hypertension, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, gout, atonic constipation and disorders of salt metabolism in the body.
infusion made from the berries and leaves is used as a weak diuretic in the presence of stones in the kidneys and liver, vitamin deficiency, uterine bleeding and colds.It was established experimentally that the infusion of the leaves of strawberries decreases blood pressure, slows the rhythm, increasing the reduction heart muscle, blood vessels dilate, increasing muscle contraction of the uterus.
Strawberries are used in a general loss of strength, diarrhea, anemia, inflammation of the spleen and liver, skin rashes and internal bleeding.

Useful properties Strawberry

beneficial properties of strawberry timber widely used for getting rid of acne and freckles.They face cleaned with a mask, which is prepared from a mixture of strawberry juice and egg white (1 tsp of juice you need to take 1 protein).You can also apply on the face cloth, oiled berry gruel by the above procedure.
Inside applied ripe strawberries.The day can eat up to 3 kilograms during the entire season strawberries.You can prepare a decoction for which you want to take 200 ml of water 20 grams of leaves.Eat 3-8 times a day 2-3 tablespoonsIf you want to drink fresh juice, then you need to drink on an empty stomach for 4-8 tbspjuice.When applied topically to be imposed comminuted berries on inflammatory skin with lotions or make from the sap or crushed sheet.In summer you can put fresh leaves.
Fresh strawberry fruits are a valuable dietary means.Effectively use the infusion of fruits and leaves as a diuretic with stones in the kidneys and biliary tract, gout.Decoctions and infusions of strawberries are used to treat scurvy and other deficiency diseases.

Contraindications strawberries for medicinal purposes

contraindications to the use of wild strawberry is the appearance of redness, rashes, itching and choking.In addition, the strawberry is contraindicated in people who have these berries hypersensitivity.

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